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Camping Themes for Kids

Teaching young children to treat fire with respect is a really important lesson for them to learn. However, it can also be a lot of fun by bringing it to life by creating a series of themed activities – either in your back garden or when you’re camping (make sure the campsite where you’re staying allows camp fires, of course).

Safety First

It’s critical that children are taught the basics about safety before you do anything. Here’s a great blog that covers everything you need to know. It’s also fun to run through the basics of building a camp fire using sweets and snacks to illustrate the process – use grapes or M&Ms to build a fire ring, pretzel sticks for kindling and chocolate fingers as stand-ins for kiln dried logs. Mini marshmallows rolled in coconut are great as a sweet version of our Flamers firelighters. Once the fire is built and has supposedly been lit, let kids douse the flames using chocolate sauce as water. 


Setting up camp – be it in your back garden or at a camp site – is hugely exciting for small children in its own right. Build your camp fire following exactly the same steps you went through with the ‘sweet’ and snack version. Don’t build your fire near anything flammable and always have a bucket of water on hand in case you need to put the fire out in a hurry.

Campfire kids

If you’re looking for ideas on campfire cooking with kids, you’ll find nearly 20 mouth-watering suggestions on 50campfires.com . Once you’ve eaten, why not have a good old-fashioned sing-song – here are some fun tunes that are easy to learn and are sure to become family favourites. 

Everyone loves a slightly scary story and sitting around a campfire at night is the perfect place to tell them – we’ve found these 13 family-friendly spooky tales that won’t give anyone nightmares.


Themed camp fires can be great as a party idea for small groups of children. Camp fires and cowboys are a natural pairing so why not get everyone to come in fancy dress – from Toy Story’s Woody to Desperate Dan, there’s lots of famous Wild West heroes to inspire you.

Creating props for a cowboy party can be a family affair and done on the cheap – take a look at these ideas for starters. Pinterest is another great place to get ideas for your rodeo-themed styling and you’ll also find lots of ideas for games there too.

Cowboys and campfires

The wonderful thing about a cowboy theme is that the food can be kept super simple – baked beans were staple wild west fare but feel free to add sausages and jacket potatoes too. If you want to be a little more adventurous, here are some finger-licking-good ideas that are easy and won’t break the bank.

Beans on campfire

Keep numbers small for a campfire themed event and make sure everyone is briefed on the dos and don'ts of fire safety.

Star gazing

Camping somewhere remote usually means you’ll see so much more when looking at the sky without the light pollution associated with built up areas. 

This blog has some great ideas for teaching children about the stars. It involves marshmallows which can then be toasted over the campfire once they’ve finished playing the role of planets and stars.

Stargazing campfires

Why not make some celestial campfire snacks to complete the evening. Using a star-shaped cookie cutter, cut shapes out of sliced bread, cheese and ham to make a sandwich then ‘grill’ them on your campfire using a cast iron pan. For more ideas, take a look at Pinterest which has some tasty treats that are the perfect accompaniment to star gazing.


It’s often said that sitting around a camp fire takes us back to the days when we were cavemen. So why not go the whole hog and bring some real Paleolithic primping to your next camp fire?

Kids love cooking strips of meat such as bacon and chicken over the fire. We suggest cooking them in the oven first and then getting the kids to finish them off using a long-handled fork or wooden skewer.

Potatoes wrapped in foil and cooked in the embers always go down well and can be referred to as dinosaur or dragon eggs (for those GoT fans out there). There’s a recipe for a cave man trail mix in this blog which is very moreish and great to snack on.

We’d love to hear about any other ideas you might have for making camp fire gatherings that little bit different. Drop us a line at [email protected]