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Flamers vs Newspaper: The Big Debate

I often get asked what benefits our Flamers natural firelighters have over 'good old newspaper'. There hasn't been a huge amount of research done on this but I have heard many a thing whilst working alongside a number of stove retailers and manufacturers:


  • Recycled newspaper doesn't tend to burn
  • Newspaper can burn too hot and fast, and might cause some damage to your flue if using excessive amounts
  • Produces a lot of ash
  • Newspaper gives off quite a bit of smoke
  • There are question marks over the effects of newspaper ink on stoves


  • Flamers are so quick and easy to use - 30 seconds and your fire is lit
  • Completely natural
  • Odourless
  • You just need the one to get the fire going
  • Don't contain anything artificial

I used to use newspaper to light our wood burner, spending time rolling the newspaper and then tying it into knots so that I had enough to put down as a base for lighting my fire. And you may say working for Certainly Wood that I am completely biased, but I can assure you that I am not the only one who thinks that Flamers are the best natural alternative that can save you time.

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Here's what other people have said about our Flamers:

"I have been using the Flamers (after having had some freebies with my last order) and wanted to say how brilliant they are. I can now light the fire with a small bit of kindling and with no problem of it going out as could happen when using newspaper. Everyone should use them!"