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  • Down on the Farm - May Update

    It continues to be a very early season, but May is always a busy month in which we focus on making sure everything is right for a growing crop. Last month we reduced potential weed competition, and this month we have made sure that all the nutrients are correct in the soil. To do this,… Read More

  • Battle of the sexes – Temperature

    I was out walking my dog with my other half, Steve in Hergest croft gardens (cue blatant plug for my landlord’s estate www.hergest.co.uk). The gardens are bursting with colour and scent at the moment. The rhododendrons are vivid splashes of reds and pinks, the carpet of bluebells dappled in hazy sun beams, the magnolias filling… Read More

  • Firewood in Scotland

    What is the image you have in your mind when you think of Scotland and the highlands and the trees and lochs? It may not surprise you that Scotland is dominated by softwood and mainly Sitka Spruce and Scots Pine, although other species include Douglas Fir, Larch and Red Cedar. According to the Forestry Commission… Read More

  • Latest Coverage: Flamers Natural Firelighters in Land Rover Owner Magazine

    Just thought you might like to see this great review by The Landrover magazine. We were particularly interested to see that they even dunked one in water and with just a little shake off, the flamer was easily lit - now that's pretty cool!!    … Read More

  • Down on the Farm - April Update

    Spring is here at last, the blackthorn in the hedgerow is now covered in the delicate pure white blossom and the broadleaved trees are beginning to come out in leaf, and as if by magic the hedges are all turning green. The oak is out before the ash which is good news as the old… Read More

  • Lets cook on wood !

    Is this not a grossly under-rated pastime, and are we doing what we often do these days - forgetting about the simple things in life and going back to basics? When did you last have a meal that was cooked on wood or in a wood fired oven? You may have possibly done so unknowingly,… Read More

  • A Woodsman’s Work – Woodland thinning

    In watching a gardener thinning out a tray of lettuce seedlings, Read More

  • Down on the Farm - March Update

    As a family farming business we thought you may be interested to have a monthly update on how things are going 'Down on the Farm' which George runs. We have been farming at Lower Lulham (the home of Certainly Wood) since 1957 and Nic and I were brought up here, and I have been farming… Read More

  • Do I need a moisture meter?

    It's a very good question, so lets firstly explore the reasons for having a moisture meter, then discuss whether you really need one. Why a moisture meter? The main reason for having a moisture meter is to get an accurate reading of the actual moisture content of your logs. I'll talk a little later about… Read More

  • Competition: Valentines is coming – Time to light someone’s fire!

    We believe our Flamers natural firelighters have their own little characters and we've been thinking of some captions such as “I’m a flaming natural”. Can you help us think of more – Remember they are odourless, easy to light, long burn, natural, clean and you only need one to light the fire. Send in your… Read More