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  • Solid Assurance from Hetas

    Wood based fuel quality can now be certified as part of a new scheme being launched by HETAS. The Solid Biomass Assurance Scheme (SBAS) is being launched with the support of government funding from the Department of Environment and Climate Change (DECC). It will enable wood fuel and biomass producers to market their products using… Read More

  • The Times - Now we're cooking - on wood

    Escape the winter weather — and save on gas bills — by switching to this eco-friendly solution Each morning, as the Siberian winter grips Britain, gas supplies are rationed and heating bills soar, Georgie Ursell carries her seven-month-old baby down to a warm kitchen and slides another log into the woodburning range cooker before putting… Read More

  • New Packaging reflects eco friendly production

    Certainly Wood has launched a new packaging design for its kiln dried logs which emphasises that its new drying kilns, which came into operation last year, are now run on waste wood from its firewood manufacturing processes. As chairman, George Snell explained, “Our entire processing operation has been improved to be as eco friendly as… Read More

  • Herefordshire snow mercy mission

    BBC Hereford & Worcester has been on a mercy mission to a single mother, cut-off since the snow fell. Laura Denning, and her 14-year-old son, have been stranded in their home on Garway Hill, South Herefordshire: 'It's like another world up here and it wouldn't be like this at all if the council had gritted… Read More

  • The Independent

    The time has come when I can no longer send my children into our little wood to collect kindling. This is partly because they are no longer the obliging creatures they used to be, and why would anyone want to be picking up twigs when they could be on Facebook, and partly because it’s November,… Read More

  • Firewood – It has to be good quality!

    Last season saw a boom in wood burning stove sales and this season looks as though it could be busy again. Stove manufacturers only recommend wood which is dried to a moisture content of approx 20% to ensure optimum stove efficiency – a clean burn with maximum heat output. I wonder how many coal merchants… Read More

  • Woodburning gets more TV coverage

    Certainly Wood, now the largest specialist supplier of kiln dried firewood had a busy morning providing live broadcasts for BBC Breakfast with reporter Maryam Moshiri. 'We were contacted late last week regarding a feature on wood burning and how more and more people are turning to wood' said Marketing Director Nic Snell who went on… Read More

  • Firm wins Trailblazer Award

    The local company blazing their way, quite literally, to become the latest recipient of the Hereford Times/Baker Tilly Trailblazer Award for environmental awareness is Certainly Wood. A business founded little more than two years ago, Certainly Wood is leading the way in the supply of kiln dried logs and kindling from sustainable British hardwoods, offering… Read More

  • Important Supply Update

    Certainly Wood News Release - Supply Update Mar 13 Read More

  • Certainly Wood achieves HETAS biomass approval

    Kiln dried wood supplier Certainly Wood, based near Madley in Herefordshire, has just become the first company to have its firewood production approved under the Solid Biomass Assurance Scheme operated by registration body HETAS ( www.hetas.co.uk ). Nic Snell, Marketing Director of Certainly Wood was presented with their certificate (No. SBAS/1/0001) by Bruce Allen, CEO… Read More