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  • If Wood Burning Stoves continue to rise in popularity, does this threaten firewood sustainability?

    Firstly, it’s a good question and particularly when there is now a major drive to stop global warming and focus on sustainability. The beauty of course of firewood is that it really can be a truly sustainable source of fuel to use at home and as its life cycle is so short, it by far… Read More

  • Are the Government likely to impose further restrictions on wood burning?

    So, what is really happening in terms of wood burning stoves and wood burning in general? There has been a lot of negative press over the last 18 months and there is no doubt that consumer confidence has been knocked and this is shown in a drop in stove sales. Should you be concerned? Should… Read More

  • Our Top 4 Glamping Suggestions Where Campfires Are Allowed

    In days of yore, camping used to be a little rough and ready, especially in the UK where you needed a boy scout mentality to brave the elements under canvas. However, things have changed significantly in the past few years – camping, and its posher counterpart glamping, has become ‘de rigueur’ with the festival and… Read More

  • Camping Themes for Kids

    Teaching young children to treat fire with respect is a really important lesson for them to learn. However, it can also be a lot of fun by bringing it to life by creating a series of themed activities – either in your back garden or when you’re camping (make sure the campsite where you’re staying… Read More