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  • Winter Woodland Walks

    There’s nothing as bracing as a winter walk when the UK weather is at its best – blue skies, a frost hanging in the air with the promise of a pint at the end of it in a warm, country pub. Watching the seasons come and go is important to giving people a sense of… Read More

  • Banning Wood Burning – Debunking the Myth

    Recent newspaper headlines declaring the Government are to introduce a wood burning stove ban has meant we’ve received a lot of concerned callers here at Certainly Wood. The bottom line is that there have been many ill-informed articles written – in fact, to coin a popular phrase, it’s fake news. So how has this myth… Read More

  • Brexit & Plant Health

    It’s easy to manage the movement of people from one country to another because we all have passports. We’re used to those interminable queues at airports or at cross-channel ferry ports. So, if an apocalyptic, Walking Dead scenario were to grip the world, the UK would be better placed than most to stop people entering… Read More

  • Kiln Dried Vs Seasoned Logs – Is There A Difference?

    People often ask us here at Certainly Wood whether there is any real difference between kiln dried logs and seasoned logs. Ultimately, one of the main things that influences the quality and efficiency of the way logs burn is the moisture content. Some retailers suggest that logs which have been seasoned properly have as low… Read More

  • Wet Wood Versus Ready to Burn Kiln Dried Logs

    We all love a bargain and sometimes the allure of collecting branches from our local wood or buying a cheap bag of logs from the garage appeals to the Scrooge in us. However, buying wet wood really is a false economy and as Ready to Burn, kiln dried logs will save you money and your… Read More

  • A Burning Passion

    Who doesn’t love a BBQ when the British summer is at its hottest? However, most people retreat back inside the comfort of their homes at the first sign of a grey sky. But there’s an increasing number of folk passionate about outdoor living throughout the year – for them, there is nothing better than a… Read More

  • Firewood Prices On The Rise

    Prices for raw material hardwood thinnings have been fairly stable over the last few years but there is now a significant upward movement. So, what are the factors affecting this increase in firewood prices and is it just a spike or a trend? We asked some of our suppliers for their take on the situation… Read More

  • Cooking on Wood – Our Top Tips

    With England out of the World Cup, there’s no excuse for staying indoors as this spell of hot weather continues. It’s time to move outside – even when it comes to cooking. Food always seems to taste better prepared and eaten outdoors and it also stops your kitchen getting unpleasantly warm. Of course, we’re probably… Read More

  • BBQ Week - Risbury Rapeseed Oil

    Risbury Rapeseed Oil, is the result of a real family effort. Based on the family farm in Risbury, Herefordshire, where the cold-pressing, filtering and bottling takes place –the rapeseed is grown just a few miles away. Their oils have a high smoke point, are rich in Omega 3 and contain around half the saturated fat… Read More

  • BBQ Week - Outback

    Since its inception in 1979, this Herefordshire based family business has stood for quality, innovation and total customer commitment – providing cutting edge British-designed barbeques that lead the way in quality and value. These days firing up the barbeque is a lifestyle choice enjoyed by around 18.5 million adults in the UK, with two in… Read More