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  • Firewood Prices On The Rise

    Prices for raw material hardwood thinnings have been fairly stable over the last few years but there is now a significant upward movement. So, what are the factors affecting this increase in firewood prices and is it just a spike or a trend? We asked some of our suppliers for their take on the situation… Read More

  • Cooking on Wood – Our Top Tips

    With England out of the World Cup, there’s no excuse for staying indoors as this spell of hot weather continues. It’s time to move outside – even when it comes to cooking. Food always seems to taste better prepared and eaten outdoors and it also stops your kitchen getting unpleasantly warm. Of course, we’re probably… Read More

  • BBQ Week - Risbury Rapeseed Oil

    Risbury Rapeseed Oil, is the result of a real family effort. Based on the family farm in Risbury, Herefordshire, where the cold-pressing, filtering and bottling takes place –the rapeseed is grown just a few miles away. Their oils have a high smoke point, are rich in Omega 3 and contain around half the saturated fat… Read More

  • BBQ Week - Outback

    Since its inception in 1979, this Herefordshire based family business has stood for quality, innovation and total customer commitment – providing cutting edge British-designed barbeques that lead the way in quality and value. These days firing up the barbeque is a lifestyle choice enjoyed by around 18.5 million adults in the UK, with two in… Read More

  • BBQ Week - Philip Morris and Son

    Sold to the grandfather of the current managing partners back in 1945, Philip Morris and Son was initially located in Hereford’s High Street. It has sat uninterrupted in Widemarsh Street, Hereford for the last 160 years. The home and country department store today is based around 8 core departments, both in store and on their… Read More

  • BBQ Week - Oakchurch

    Family-run since 1970 by the Price family, Oakchurch Farm Shop and Garden Centre – has developed into a country department store leaving behind their fruit farm roots, whilst still providing quality local produce, some of which is still sourced from their farms today. Initially running as a successful ‘pick your own’ fruit and vegetable farm,… Read More

  • BBQ Week - Westons Cider

    Many outside of the county recognise Herefordshire for our Apples and …cider! So, we were thrilled when local company Westons Cider contributed some of their deliciously crafted cider. We’re pretty sure you may have heard or come across a bottle of Westons but do you know much about them and their story? Deep in the… Read More

  • BBQ Week - Tyrrells Crisps

    A proud Herefordshire company, Tyrrells fine English crisps are made on the farm in the delightful Herefordshire countryside. Using potatoes, complete with jackets from local farmers, their crisps are cooked by hand in small batches – the old-fashioned way, ensuring each bag tastes as splendid as the last. Tyrrells crisps contain nothing artificial, they’re gluten… Read More

  • How good is wood burning?

    You may or may not have noticed some negative publicity recently in terms of air pollution in London, mainly caused by vehicle emission as one would expect, but surprisingly wood burning also got a mention as one of the contributors. ‘Clean Air’ is now top of the political agenda and Defra are working hard to… Read More

  • Hygge - it's trendy and trending!

    To be perfectly honest I had never heard of Hygge (pronounced “hoo-gah”) but it’s definitely something we should know about as it’s certainly trending! The term actually originates from a Norwegian word meaning “wellbeing” and it first appeared in Danish writing in the 19th Century and since then has very much instilled itself into Danish culture. Read More