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  • An Introduction by Tim Meeks

    An Introduction by Tim Meeks of www.dotrythisathome.com It's the simple things in life that give us the most satisfaction. We've ditched the conventional lifestyle - the fixed abode, regular jobs and living for the weekend - and are currently enjoying the freedom of living in a caravan, seeking different places to learn and have adventures… Read More

  • Get Cooking on Wood: Fire Safety

    Fire Safety - Dos ALWAYS place the grill on a flat stable surface at least 25 feet, or as far away as you can, from the house, garage, shed, fence, decking or any other flammable structure, and well away from overhanging trees and piles of leaves. ALWAYS keep children and pets away from the grill… Read More

  • Choosing the right firewood for your appliance

    Choosing the right firewood for your needs is not always easy so here are a few useful tips, although you can always ring us at to discuss your requirements. Firewood for a wood burning stove or Pizza Oven It is essential that you use dry firewood in your stove or oven. Manufacturers often recommend a… Read More

  • Compare the market

    It is a while since we updated our Competitor analysis page and the ability to compare firewood is certainly information that visitors to our site like to read. We have therefore carried out an in depth look at kiln dried logs online and the following infographic will hopefully help you to compare firewood and give… Read More

  • Firewood Delivery

    We have two different systems for bulk delivering to your home: National Deliveries are done using our third party national carrier and with a tail lift lorry delivery to kerbside. Local Deliveries (Herefordshire and surrounding counties) are done using our own lorry with a hiab crane and our own driver. Nationwide: National Deliveries Nationwide ‘Economy’… Read More

  • Wood Facts about Logs

    The Natural Energy Resource Consumers are increasingly turning to sustainable firewood in the search for environmentally friendly renewable energy resources. Certainly Wood provides premier kiln dried firewood, kindling and log stores. The benefits of kiln dried wood are considerable: Generates greater heat output Better fuel efficiency More economical Minimum stove and flue problems Types of… Read More

  • Wood Burning Appliances

    The following companies are those that work very closely with Certainly Wood and recommend Certainly Wood's Kiln dried logs and kindling. We would highly recommend that you consider these companies for supply of your new wood burning appliance. Most have retailers throughout the UK. Stoves, Boilers & Cookers ACR Heat Products Innovative solutions for traditional… Read More

  • Questions & Answers

    Where can I buy my firewood and other Certainly Wood products? Use the ‘postcode search’ facility to find out where your nearest retailer is located. You can either buy small quantities from these retailers or you can order bulk deliveries which will be delivered direct to your home . If you live within the Herefordshire… Read More

  • Teaching Firewood and Business to local Primary School

    The other day we had Year 6 of Madley Primary School here for the day to learn about one of their local businesses. A few years ago we decided to support the school on an on-going basis to help as much as possible, so whenever they call us, we are always keen to help. The… Read More

  • 12 Famous Trees From Film and Television

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