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  • Down on the Farm - November Update

    Having finished blackcurrant harvest in August with a slightly disappointing crop it was time to make sure the crop was nurtured ready for next year. Read More

  • Firewood Delivery - potential problems

    Things really have changed quite dramatically in the last five years with firewood delivery. In the old days, and still prevalent now, local suppliers would gather wood, saw and chop into logs, then deliver to local customers in a trailer, truck, van, Landrover or pick-up. Some local deliveries are now done with small crane lorries… Read More

  • All The Gear But No Idea

    New research shows homeowners admit not knowing how to use aspirational household products Read More

  • Poems about Firewood

      You may or may not be aware that there are some quite well known poems about firewood. After all there are probably not many topics that have not been covered through the wonders of poetry. Whilst I have heard a couple of poems from years gone by I just thought I would look around… Read More

  • Outdoor fireplaces: how does your garden glow?

    A fireplace or fire bowl can provide a great outdoor focus – just make sure it doesn’t create too much smoke. The other Friday evening we asked some friends over for supper. When the time arrived, I was unprepared and flustered, while the Husband was tetchy after a stressful week. Then he announced I would… Read More

  • Down on the Farm - July Update

    It’s been a little while since I last wrote in May and we are now at the stage of the year when we see the fruits of our labours, harvest time is here. Blackcurrant harvest started in July and we will finish in the next couple of days. Following such a huge crop last year… Read More

  • Why large bulk bags?

    Go back about 10 years you would definitely not have been able to buy firewood in bulk bags so why now, and where do these bulk bags originate from? To be honest I have absolutely no idea how long bulk bags have been around, but I know its an awfully long time. I presume they… Read More

  • Firewood prices

    What is happening to firewood prices and what is the likely trend over the next few years? For some, firewood can be a free commodity, collecting windfall from the roadside or wood from the garden or smallholding when a tree falls or needs pruning, but for most firewood needs to be bought. It doesn't seem… Read More

  • Who's Freddie Flamer?

    So, who is this new mystery person that has recently appeared on the scene? Well, I am Freddie Flamer and I am simply the world's best natural firelighter and I, and my fellow Flamers are all made in Herefordshire, on a lovely farm near the Welsh borders. We are made in a smart new building… Read More

  • Down on the Farm - May Update

    It continues to be a very early season, but May is always a busy month in which we focus on making sure everything is right for a growing crop. Last month we reduced potential weed competition, and this month we have made sure that all the nutrients are correct in the soil. To do this,… Read More