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What to do with pallets

Having recently written a blog about 'The Problem with Pallets' we were slightly concerned about our first feedback comment which said it was a pointless blog! All we wanted to do was highlight the problems we encounter with pallets and how the delivery system works. Well, as you can see, we ended up with one of the biggest responses to date with some great comments.

Having had some comments from customers who have been so frustrated at having to try and dispose of the pallets, it seems some people are already being rather creative with theirs.

Certainly Wood pallet in front of two bags of kiln dried logs

So, whilst we will continue to look at ways to get our carrier Palletways to remove pallets for those that want them moved,  we have been building up our own Pinterest board for pallet ideas. For those of you that have not heard of Pinterest, this is a site that enables people to share their photos and one can build specific subject boards which is what we have done here.

One of our customers did however show us this website they discovered that provides a huge list of great ideas for what to do with pallets and there really are some fabulous ideas if you have the time and want to be really creative.

35 Uses for Old Pallets

We have noted comments about the fact that some pallets are ply and difficult to break up, but for us its a difficult balance between making sure the pallets are strong and safe for delivery, and something that customers can break up for kindling. This is one we may never crack as the majority of good pallets will always be treated or painted, so really not good for burning on your stove.

In the mean time do have a look at our Pinterest board:

Follow Certainly Wood's board Pallet Uses on Pinterest.


25 thoughts on “What to do with pallets”

  • Yvon Tse

    Keep negotiating with the carriers to find a solution to remove the pallets. I am sure in the end it will benefit Certainly Wood. Thank you

  • Colin Higgins

    Pallets - Recycle them! I put them outside the house with a notice which reads "Free to good home". The longest that one has ever stayed there is about 36 hours.

  • Andy Brown

    Burn it, I cannot believe people are not burning them. I cut up and burn all my pallets make lovle

  • Peter Bone

    We used two palettes as the basic of a log store - still standing a year later!

  • Fred Pettit

    With 5 old pallets I made a 2 compartment (side by side) compost bin. I then used the planks off another 2 pallets to make a lift off door on each compartment. It has been installed for 18 months and works well.

  • Max

    Great ideas for recycling these pallets.
    All I've ever done is to cut them up & burn them along with my logs but this has given me some new ideas. Many thanks.



  • Susan Bowers

    Keep negotiating with the carriers to find a solution to remove the pallets. I am sure in the end it will benefit Certainly Wood. Thank you

    Totally agree with this. Still have a pallet that needs taking away - please:-)

    • nicsnell

      We will keep working on this, but I do suggest that when you next order you ask the carrier to take the pallet away when they deliver and you just may get a nice friendly driver to do so, but presumably if you have read the other blog on 'The Problem with Pallets' you will see the issues. Also, read through some of the other comments as there are some good ideas

  • Linda O'Riordan
    Linda O'Riordan January 30, 2014 at 7:29 pm

    This might seem a rather obvious solution, but if you buy wood from Certainly Wood then it seems a fair bet that you also have a fire/wood burner! We break up the pallets and burn them in the wood burner, simple!!

  • Ray Fraser

    Unfortunately, I have to put pallets in my car & drive to the local authority skip which is a round trip of 40 miles to get rid of them.
    This aspect of the delivery actually does not excite me to place another order for your product.
    Regards, Ray Fraser

    • nicsnell

      Yes, difficult one, but do read through some of the comments from others. I notice that one person puts a sign up outside their house and someone takes it away pretty quickly - longest was 36 hours!! I am afraid that any national delivery will undoubtedly be on pallets and actually if you buy imported wood, it will always be in wooden crates so actually even more wood to potentially get rid of and of course you have to bear in mind how many miles the wood has travelled in comparison to Great British Firewood !

  • Bob

    A pallet can be reduced to kindling in a couple of minutes with a jig saw fitted with a coarse blade for wood. Don't waste time and effort removing the nails. Pick them out of the ash later with a strong magnet. Can't understand why your customers who all burn wood could even consider getting rid of the pallets!

  • Ian Cook

    I'm with the burning brigade! I can't believe with the price of hardwood logs people miss the opportunity to avoid having to buy kindling by using the pallets. I got two with my stove delivery last year & two more this with my logs. Circular saw them up & chop into kindling sticks - and the square blocks are as good as a small softwood long - about 6 per pallet.

  • Mike Cross

    Exactly like Bob above……..Most of the pallets do not seem to be treated and are used only once so I cut them up with my jigsaw, the sqarish blocks where the crosspieces meet when cut give a thick quite slow burning block and the rest provide quick start kindling which means I have the chamber hot quickly and then burn logs slowly and efficiently smoke free with those really attractive lazy flames from the tertiary air inlets..reminds me of the swirling borealis northern lights. I reuse the nails which i sort with a magnet from an old large loud speaker.
    Ialso made group 3 compost bins using waterproof ply to fill over the pallet frame, the double skin provides insulation and speeds the composting and the heat keeps young plants warm in winter about +3 oC which I support using a gabion galvanised mesh over the bins.

  • John

    I've just made an eight cubic metre log store out of pallets for a otal cost of twenty pounds which was for the roofing material. Two other smaller log stores again made from pallets some three/ four years ago show no signs of deterioration. Any off cuts from the pallets are chopped up for kindling.
    Pallets left outside houses or left in skips in my area soon disappear so obviously other people have found uses for them too.

  • Ken Grundy

    When we were in Athens in the summer we saw street furniture made out of pallets !Got to give it a go!

  • Kristian

    I made my own outdoor log store with 2 x free long pallets from a delivery company. I also use them, so long as they are unpainted and clean, as kindling to start my fire. Good excercise when dismantling too.

  • Patrick

    @ Bob and others who 'can't understand people who don't burn their pallets' ....... Well, burning is fine if you are lucky enough to have had your delivery on an untreated, real wood pallet.

    My first delivery was on a timber pallet that was treated with preservative. Fine, I made a base for my log pile with that. The subsequent deliveries have been on compressed timber ply of some kind - hard to break up and useless as a construction material or for burning.

    @ Certainly Wood - PLEASE use natural, untreated wood pallets or force the carrier to take old pallets away.I suspect the former would be easier all round .....

  • Peter Hill

    I happen to live on a main arterial road into Birmingham so in one way I am fortunate in that I can always dispose of the delivery pallet.
    Working on the basis that someone always wants something for free and also that someone can always find a use for a pallet I just leave it propped up against the pavement wall facing the oncoming traffic.
    Within half an hour its gone.

  • cleanheatvent.weebly.com

    Together with the weather conditions obtaining worse, i really feel issues such as this will be even more common.

  • Ian Bardo

    We had a solution for this problem. We gave them to a local charity (www.saltershill.org.uk) and commissioned them to make bug boxes out of our spare pallets. These boxes were given away to our customers as gifts and gave the charity much-needed funds when we bought the boxes back. Salters Hill work with people with learning disabilities.

  • Jeff Warren


    Perhaps Freecycle is an idea to spread to your customers. Nationwide, post your items for free and great results everytime I have used it. As previous posters have said, there's always someone who wants one, be it for a compost bin,log store or otherwise.