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Introducing your new favourite potato recipe – seasoned to perfection, crispy smashed potatoes! Crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside, there’s a serious risk that only half of these will make it to the dinner table. Such a quick and easy recipe to make

Ingredients Equiptment 
Small Potatoes
Bunch of chives
Olive Oil
Kiln-dried logs
KindleFlamer or Flamers Natural Firelighter & Kindling
Cup (or flat surface to smash potatoes)

Step One

Light your firepit using our Flaming Firewood or Grill & Chill and KindleFlamers. If your firepit has a swing arm, swing this around to allow it time to heat up

Step Two

Boil the potatoes over the fire in salted water. You will know when the potatoes are cooked when the they slide off the knife when you stab it.

boiling potatoes on the firepit

Step Three

Whilst waiting for the potatoes to boil, chop up the chives and mix with some extra virgin olive oil. Once the potatoes have boiled, transfer them onto a fire proof skillet. Using a cup press down the potoes to smash them, then brush them over generously with the oils and chives.

dressing the smashed potatoessmasing potatoes

Step Four

Place the skillet over the fire and fry each side for a couple of minutes minutes (or until golden brown - this will vary depending on the heat of your fire). 

frying potatoes on the firepit

Step Five

Once both sides are browned, remove from the heat. We paired ours with spicy mayo, but the choice of the dip is entirely yours.

smashed potatoes


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