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It’s all in the detail, so they say. That’s why we’ve decided to take a look at what’s on offer out there in the way of BBQs and accessories that offer a little bit more. From our own delightfully-vintage looking Faltovn, to cutlery designed in the 60s that still looks contemporary today, we’ve reviewed some great stuff so you don’t have to.  


Glammfire La Boheme 1 BBQ Stainless Steel

At £50 shy of £16,000, this must be the world’s most expensive BBQ, although delivery is free of charge, so that’s a relief.

This brushed stainless steel BBQ is designed as a work-of-art as well as somewhere to grill your sausages. It uses charcoal or gas and comes complete with an integrated sink and tap. Apparently each one is unique -


Trattoria Bright 16-piece Set

Forget Sporks and disposable cutlery and opt for a classic like this set from Robert Welch. It comes in a handy tube, which makes it easy to store.

Originally designed in 1961, the handles have a wood feel to them and feature stainless steel compression rivets. At £60 a set, they’re not cheap, but they come with a 25 year guarantee -



We love this stove and not just because we sell it ourselves. It makes us feel all nostalgic and yearn for life in a gypsy caravan. This portable stove weighs in at 10kg and is designed not only to provide warmth, but also to cook on.

The Faltovn, named after the legendary Swedish survival expert Lars Falt, burns wood and its design means it can be placed anywhere, no matter how rough the terrain.

It sells for £547.00, but is one of those things you’d get immense pleasure out of and use both in the garden or when travelling -


Clas Ohlson Leather Apron

Feel like a character in Game of Thrones wearing this rustic leather BBQ apron. We like the fact it covers up more of your clothes than most conventional aprons.

It also has a big pocket, a sturdy neck strap and ties at the front. It also looks better the more you wear it. At £59.99, it’s an affordable investment -


The Woodee Tongs

Like ourselves, The Woodee is based in Herefordshire and sell products made by local craftsmen. We particularly love these heavyweight tongs which are perfect for turning burgers and the like.

Made from 8mm mild steel, they are an incredible 560mm in length and can grip anything up to 30mm wide. That should take care of even the biggest kebab! Handmade, they cost £70 a pair -


Biolite Camp Stove 11

Another one we stock, and a pretty amazing piece of kit too, is the Biolite Camp Stove 11. Using just sticks, you build a small fire in the silver cylinder.

Attached to it is a battery pack that not only enables you to control the size of the flames and temperature of your fire, but also allows you to charge a phone or power any USB gadget. There’s also a detachable cooking tray too.

What’s more, the technology used means the fire is smokeless. We also love the fact this company support third world countries to bring them a range of green, energy efficient solutions.


Wild Dining Plates

You’re going to have to serve your food on something, so why not serve it with a smile. These Wild Dining

Plates feature a gorilla, a lion and a panda, which not only provide a talking point, but also encourage adults to play with their food.

The ceramic plates cost £9.99 each from