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Certainly Wood’s logs and Flamers are part of the must-have kit for any glamping trip in the UK (how else would you toast your marshmallows?). We thought we’d take a look at some other great gear out there from trendy tents to coffee cups.


Life-size Campervan Tent

Always had a bit of a hankering for a VW campervan, but couldn’t justify the cost or were worried about all the engine trouble people complain about.?

The solution is this VW campervan tent, which boasts the exact dimensions of the iconic hippy vehicle of love and peace. It’s not just a pretty face though, as it’s also very practical and features two inner tents, which make perfect bedrooms. Available in red or blue, it costs £299 from Firebox.


Hotspot Notebook Portable BBQ

The Original Fold Flat BBQ, which is large enough to be able to accommodate logs so you can cook on wood. Hurrah! It has a heat-resistant, powder-coated steel body and provides a cooking area large enough to accommodate six manly-sized burgers.

As the name suggests, it folds flat making it easy to take with you and costs just £25.50 from Hotspot.


Tentsile Tree Tent

Is it a tent, is it a treehouse? The Stingray from innovative camping company Tentsile is actually both – it’s a three-man tent that can be suspended between trees or any other strong anchor points.


It’s a lot more than a plaything though – it’s a properly technical four-seasons tent that elevates you off the ground leaving damp conditions and creepy crawlies behind. Costing over £500, it’s not cheap, but it will nourish your inner child for many years to come.


Beach Hut Windbreak

Family camping company OLPRO has a wonderful range of cheerful and affordable windbreaks. We particularly like their beach hut windbreak with its eye-catching blue and yellow imagery.

It’s a giant of a thing at 4.8metres long and 1.4 metres tall, ensuring complete privacy wherever you are. At £17.00, it’s eminently affordable too.



If you’re a coffee aficionado and dream of a proper cup of coffee whilst camping, the Cafflano is about to change your life.

Just slightly larger than a Starbucks take-away cup, it offers bean to cup brewing in one handy unit. The Cafflano has a flask for hot water, a grinder for the beans and an insulated cup so you can enjoy fresh-ground coffee on the go. It costs £79.99 and is the ideal gift for the coffee-lover in your life.


WakaWaka Power+

WakaWaka’s message is Safe, Sustainable & Solar For All. They have an amazing range of solar-powered products and they also supportrprojects across the globe – from Rwanda to Chile – providing solar-powered light and energy sources to people in need.

The WakaWaka Power+ is a hard-wearing, lightweight and convenient solar charger, as well as a powerful lamp. It will charge just about any type of (smart)phone or small electronic device in a few hours as well as 150 hours of safe, sustainable light.

This great bit of kit costs £69.95 from Waka-Waka.


Simple sachets

We love anything that cuts down on having to haul extra weight when you’re camping. You can leave behind your toothbrush, toothpaste and mouthwash with Swish To Go and neither do you need water to get that just brushed freshness when wild camping.

At £3 for six sachets from Boots, these will become your mouth’s new best friend.

Cocofina’s sachets of coconut oil are perfect for camping and can be used for cooking or incorporated into your beauty routine.

Great for frying food in a healthier way, but just as good for removing your make-up, conditioning your hair and offers the equivalent to SP4 when it comes to sun protection. Each sachet costs 79p and is available from Holland & Barrett.