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Is it a sheep? Is it a Trump? No, it’s a natural firelighter called a Flamer, which we've given a creative Snapchat make-over to challenge Britain to prove it's a nation of creative doodlers.

We will be providing people with an image of a Flamer via Twitter, Facebook and Instagram or those here on this page. Choose from the vertically challenged or horizontally hovering Flamer to create your mini masterpiece on Snapchat (or whatever medium you like) and post using the hashtag #FlamerDoodle.



Not only will your work of art be featured on our social media pages, but the best doodle of the week throughout July will win an outdoorsy-type prize such as a luxury tent, glamping weekend or a Weber BBQ.

Prizes for Doodle Competition


Create an original Flamer doodle & win a Weber Original Kettle BBQ. Post doodle to @kilndriedlogs #FlamerDoodle



Create an original Flamer doodle & win a break at Somerset Yurts. Post doodle to @kilndriedlogs #FlamerDoodle



Create an original Flamer doodle & win an OLPRO Abberley Tent. Post doodle to @kilndriedlogs #FlamerDoodle


Create an original Flamer doodle & win a £25 Joules voucher. Post doodle to @kilndriedlogs #FlamerDoodle


Tell me more about Flamers

Flamers are a rustically-lovely alternative to the mass-produced blocks of smelly white paraffin firelighters and are made from just two ingredients – twists of wood wool gently dipped in melted, refined paraffin wax. Not only are they odourless, they’re easy to light and burn with such a passion for a good 10 minutes, you’ll need just the one to light your BBQ, fire-pit or campfire.



They’re clean and easy to use (no fumbling with reluctant cellophane packaging), convenient, British and bursting with green credentials. Flamers are perfect not just for BBQs but also for wood fires, chimineas, fire pits and camp fires too. Useful little chaps to have on hand all year round, in fact.