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It’s a busy time of year at Certainly Wood with everyone stocking up on kiln-dried logs in time for Christmas. We often get asked the best way to store logs once we’ve delivered them, so here are some of our top tips.

Log store

A log store is the perfect way to keep your logs neatly stacked and out of the rain. Certainly Wood has a rather lovely rustic log store that comes flat-packed and is easy-to-assemble.


If you want to create a basic woodpile, make sure you choose somewhere that will get sunshine but also be exposed to the wind. This will help to keep your logs from getting wet and retaining moisture, as well as helping to stop fungus growing on them.

Make sure you raise your log pile off the ground by stacking your logs on an old pallet or something similar. This will stop your logs absorbing moisture from below and allow good airflow beneath the stack.


To keep your log pile dry, provide a sloped roof of wood or many will use tin which could just be laid over the top. It is not recommended to use a tarpaulin as this tends to restrict the airflow and can cause sweating. The greater the airflow the better ..

Wonderful Woodpiles

We also came across some really creative approaches to woodpiles that we wanted to share with you. Some people go to extraordinary lengths to produce structures that are more like works of art than practical log piles. In fact, we think they're so inspiring, we might well launch a competition in the UK to challenge people to turn their woodpile into something wonderful.

Gary Tallman


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