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Stockings hang from it and crooners croon by it – where would we be without our mantelpiece at Christmas? Making it look festively fancy is one of the highlights of decorating your home in December. So, we’ve found some of the best ideas out there to share with you lovely people.

First things first, and not that we want to be Christmas poopers, but safety is paramount – especially if you have an open fire. Always use a fire guard and check decorations for flammability. It sounds obvious, but there is definitely a trend for vintage decorations this year so be careful when it comes to tinsel and garlands.

Make sure everything is secure and don’t use heavy ornaments to hold things in place. There’s nothing small children or animals like better than to grab at shiny things, bringing everything down with them. Anyway, that’s the lecture over with.

Greenery Garland

Using greenery from your garden can be a cost-effective and natural way to decorate your fireplace. Here are some instructions from Country Living on how to make one:

To create a garland, use a length of rope (measured to fit your mantelpiece) and cover with individual bunches of greenery along the length of it, secured using gardener’s twine. Continue all for the entire length of the rope, working in one direction until densely covered.

One option is to use a mix of fresh foliage combined with artificial berries. Evergreen foliage with holly, myrtle and ivy mixed with artificial sprays makes it hard to spot the faux elements. If you want to add fragrance, consider eucalyptus and rosemary. However, these contain oils so make sure there is plenty of space between your garland and your fire.

Secure the garland with hooks or nails at intervals. You can decorate further with pine cones, bows, dried orange slices and baubles.

Variety of Vases

Old apothecary jars have been used in this picture, but different-sized glass jars and vases would work equally as well. Simply fill with water and add a single stalk of greenery of your choice to make an instant display that won’t wilt over the festive season. We’d probably lose the stag’s head though!

Magical Forest Scene provided us with our next suggestion. We love this magical forest scene. Start with multiple layers of paper pine trees and add sparkling silver stars and frosty white foliage. Create a decadent display of candles and tea lights on the hearth for the warmest and cosiest of displays.


If you’re a firm believer that less is more, you’ll love this idea from . Bunches of twigs are combined with a simple garland of stars and the mantelpiece features some neutral candles teamed with nature-inspired decorations – definitely a look we like here at Certainly Wood.

Trees, trees and more trees

We found this idea on Pinterest and think it’s simple, yet really effective. Of course, it involves trees again – it’s a combination of vintage bottle brush trees and more contemporary ones of all shapes, sizes and colours. Throw in a few tea lights and you have a quick and magical look.

Add A Wreath

With any of the ideas we’ve suggested, adding a wreath – or even several wreaths – on the wall behind your mantelpiece can be the icing on top of the Christmas Cake. And if you’re looking to buy one, look no further than our friends at

We hope that at least one of these ideas inspired you – we’d love to see your our mantelpiece masterpieces so please share photographs of them with us either via email or by posting on our Facebook or Twitter pages.