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  • Portable stove
  • For camping, a tipi or exploring the great outdoors
  • Swedish design
  • Perfect for cooking 
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The Faltovn is the perfect travelling partner. It is easy to carry anywhere and provides warmth and comfort. Whether at a campsite or out in the outdoors or in a tipi. Faltovn is made for more than just warmth, a portable stove with an extra thick top perfect for cooking wherever you want.

Included with the Faltovn: a canvas bag, three lengths of flue pipe, a 45 degree bend and a side rack.

Named after legendary Swedish survival expert Lars Fält, this is a seriously robust portable stove which is designed for use in the great outdoors. Durable yet very light (10kg), the stove has specially designed feet which can either be used alone or set upon logs where the ground is soft or uneven.

The Fältovn is designed to burn wood as efficiently and cleanly as possible so that a little goes a long way (vital when firewood is limited at the campsite). Fältovn provides more than just warmth alone. The extra thick top plate is made for cooking.

Weight: 10kg

Harrie Leenders Faltovn Video 


Estimated Lead Time 2-3 weeks


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Kiln Dried Kindling 13-Dec-2017

As per the logs burn well and don't spit

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Wood seems fine and burns well

Kiln Dried Kindling 13-Dec-2017

Good size pack, lights easily.

Flamers (24 Pack) 13-Dec-2017

Brilliant product - best firelighters ever

Bulk Bag Kiln Dried Small 25cm 13-Dec-2017

Perfect wood for our stove

Bulk Bag Kiln Dried Small 25cm 13-Dec-2017

Delivered in perfect condition wood was first class a pleasure to use

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