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  • Made entirely of stainless steel - mounted on 4 castors 
  • Swivel and mobile
  • Weather and heat resistant surface ensuring use all year long
  • Rotatable BBQ grate
  • Hinges allow easy adjustment,  in four different heights

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This handmade outdoor fireplace, made of stainless steel (3 mm thick), can also be used as a barbecue. The stainless steel construction allows you to leave your fire place outdoor all year long, even during winter.

The stainless steel BBQ grate is standard equipment. Hinges on the fireplace frame, with easy adjustment in four different heights.

Practical ash tray made for easy cleaning.

Available in three heights. Type 2  225cm and Type 3  265cm.

Colour: Black,


BBQ Fireplace Type Price Price Per M3
Type 3 £2,850.00 n/a
Type 2 £2,650.00 n/a


Feefo Reviews

Average 95% from 11651 reviews

Kiln Dried Firewood Logs 23-Feb-2019

Product is always good....

Bulk Bag Kiln Dried Small 25cm 23-Feb-2019

Excellent service from a local firm

Kiln Dried Kindling 23-Feb-2019

Very good product makes fir lighting easy

B/B Kiln Dried Small 25cm chunky 22-Feb-2019

They burn well and not too quickly. Good value for money

Flamers (50 pack) 22-Feb-2019

easy to light with a good long burn

Kiln dried 0.8m3 bulk bag 25 cm 22-Feb-2019

as a cynic by nature even I cant fault them

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