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Battle of the sexes – Temperature

I was out walking my dog with my other half, Steve in Hergest croft gardens (cue blatant plug for my landlord’s estate www.hergest.co.uk).

Reckless the dog

The gardens are bursting with colour and scent at the moment. The rhododendrons are vivid splashes of reds and pinks, the carpet of bluebells dappled in hazy sun beams, the magnolias filling the air with vanilla honey, the trees were alive with birdsong and Reckless (my dog) was panting after a particularly energetic squirrel chase – it was a blue-skied, herald of summer kind of a day…. and I was bone-cold freezing.

When we got home, I promptly lit the stove in the back room (amid much complaining) and we spent the rest of the evening with Steve sat perspiring, wearing shorts and a t-shirt and me using the dog as a hot water bottle.

Anyway, it got me thinking; is temperature a male/female thing?

It’s becoming a bit of a ‘thing’ in the Certainly Wood office too. All the women are permanently chilly, whereas the men are sweltering in Sahara-like conditions if so much as a window is shut. Of course, it doesn't help that the 2 chaps have the window seats so get the full benefit of any sunshine and Jenny, who probably feels the cold the most is the furthest from the burner and in the draughtiest spot in the office.

I am currently writing this with white fingers so I pose the question: Are we an isolated group of girls or is this a universal thing? Feedback please!


12 thoughts on “Battle of the sexes – Temperature”

  • Chloe Battle

    It is true! You are not alone!!

  • Reg Geddes


    Well I'm the cold fish in our house. Vicky moans when I want to get the stove going. I love sitting in a sauna like room at night.

  • Kath

    Definitely true, I sit at work with the heater on whereas the lad I work with has his fan on even if it's minus 10 outside!

  • Sune Nightingale

    Perhaps it is down to the office dress code, did someone let a man come up with it?


  • David Sheppard
    David Sheppard May 29, 2014 at 6:43 pm

    My wife is always soooo cold...
    I keep changing the thermostat. It is not attached to the wall, so it goes missing sometimes... mysterious..!!
    Often when I go past the thermostat in the hall, I turn it down.. also the boiler thermostat..!
    Isn't it fun..!!

  • Daphne

    It is absolutely true that men have a higher metabolic rate than women. And they are always complaining bout their partner's cold feet on their back in bed!!

    It does seem to even out in later years, i.e. men need the same protection against the weather as women.

  • Beverly

    I must have a faulty thermostat as I'm always hot. I'm usually wondering around in t-shirts in the middle of winter. I've passed it onto both my kids - one of each. Maybe we breed them tougher in Wales!

  • Xandra

    When my son was a smallish boy he said: Why are grown-ups always telling you to put on a coat when
    they're cold?

  • Ian

    30th may and I am still wearing four layers including a body warmer style top.
    My wife complains about the heat as I also have the log stove going as well.

  • Jane Fabian

    Agreed...I'm cold in the office, I think it's because I sit at a desk typing and mu circulation slows down. In the showroom the stove is on and it's much warmer. At home I use two dogs as effective insulation whilst snuggled up on the sofa in front of the wood burner...Bliss!

  • Katherine

    I agree! I am the only girl in the office, with 3 other guys, in the office we have a stove, and they are always turning it down and i am always trying to fill it with more logs!

  • Steve

    You are not alone!
    I have a constant battle with the car temperature ,central heating setting, how many logs to put on the fire etc etc.
    I am hot,my wife is cold.
    Is it true that women have blood vessels closer to the outside of the body?
    Could be a reason for all this !