Grill & Chill Logs
Grill & Chill Logs
Grill & Chill Logs
Grill & Chill Logs
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Grill & Chill Logs

  • Perfect for full flavour grilling and long evening chilling.
  • Ideal for cooking, whether that's in a wood-fired pizza oven, fire pit, BBQ or campfire. 
  • 25cm length, 4-10cm log width and below 20% moisture content. 
  • A thinner cut log, allows the fire to get up to cooking temperature quickly
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A new pack developed for 'cooking on wood' enthusiasts, whether for pizza ovens, wood-fired ovens, BBQs or a campfire. The pack contains 100% beech wood and whilst the same length as the standard logs, these are specially cut thin to provide an easier to manage fire providing maximum heat quickly. These logs are 100% British kiln dried firewood and approved under the Woodsure 'Ready to Burn' scheme. 

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