Our Ethos

“We have been planting trees for many years and provide an opportunity for our customers to pay just £4 to have a tree planted in one of our many planting schemes. We are keen to accelerate these projects and with the ever increasing need to plant more trees in the UK we hope you can help. It’s time for us all to do our bit”

Nic Snell Managing Director.

The Importance of Trees 

Trees are entirely positive. We need more to be planted. The UK is behind the rest of Europe in terms of land planted with trees. But why are trees so important?

Trees & Air Quality
  • Clean our air by releasing oxygen and storing carbon via CO2 absorption.
  • Provide beautiful landscapes, both rural and urban
  • Improve community life
  • Improve the environmental balance with a greater range of flora and fauna
  • Provide a sustainable source of fuel
  • They help provide a natural form of flood management & actually help to improve our water quality.
  • Planting woodland shelterbelts around your farm lowers windspeed and can reduce spray drift up to 90%, as well as helping to capture pesticide run-off and ammonia released from livestock units
Benefits on Mental Health

Scientific studies around the world have shown that forests can improve individuals’ physical and mental health, as well as their social well-being. Forests can even help lower blood pressure, pulse rate, and reduce stress levels. If everyone in England had access to good quality green spaces this could save the NHS £2.1 billion every year in treatment costs. Providing public access to your woodland offers people near you somewhere to come together. Woodland along rivers and streams provides shade to keep rivers cool for fish and other aquatic life, and leaves, twigs and branches that fall into rivers and streams are also beneficial for plants, invertebrates, and fish.

Woodlands & supporting biodiversity 

Woodlands are home to a wealth of wildlife, from red squirrels to goldcrests, and create a habitat for a rich array of plant and fungi species. Making smaller woodlands bigger or connecting existing woodlands with one another can help connect habitats and encourage wildlife corridors, boosting nature recovery and enabling species to adapt to an ever-changing climate. 

Improve soil quality & reduce flooding risks 

Reduce the risk of flooding Creating woodland in the right places can slow the flow of water and reduce flood peaks by up to 65% it also helps to prevent run off from your land helping reduce water pollution levels. Upland woodland can increase water storage by intercepting, using and recycling more rainwater than grassland, and woodland on a river’s floodplain can slow the flow of floodwater – and reduce the risk of floods in communities. Planting trees along rivers can also help to reduce erosion stabilizing riverbanks and preventing landslips. Planting woodland between the field edge and a river can reduce sediment run-off by 90-100%, nutrient losses by 20-80%, and reduce pesticide loss in run-off by 60-100%. It can also provide shelter for animals and livestock as well as being an alternative source of food for pollinators. 

If 10,00 hectares of woodland are planted every year, the new trees will lock away a massive 50 million tonnes of carbon by 2050.

The Climate Change Act 2008 requires the government to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 34% by 2020 and 80% by 2050. We need to reduce CO2 emissions, reduce our fuel usage and switch to renewable energy. Planting trees has the ability to help in every way. The average home produces nine tonnes of CO2 every year.

A single tree will, on average, absorb a tonne of CO2 during its lifetime.

You could be part of this great tree planting revival, every tree counts. Imagine if you , and everyone else in the UK, planted just one tree per annum. That would be over 60 million extra trees a year. 

How can you help?

At Certainly Wood we are passionate about creating new woodland within the UK and we have been involved in tree planting for many years. You can find out more about our Plant A Tree visit our product page HERE.