Flaming Firewood
Flaming Firewood
Flaming Firewood
Flaming Firewood
Flaming Firewood
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Flaming Firewood

  • 100% 'Ready to Burn' assured British kiln dried hardwood
  • Our value pack with mixed sizes of firewood 
  • Great for campsites and outdoor cooking
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This kiln dried firewood is a value pack and consists of a mix of sizes and is particularly good for campsites and outdoor cooking on firepits, chimeneas etc. This pallet contains 30 bags.

Kiln dried logs provide you with the ultimate burn quality with maximum heat output. The kiln drying process in our wood fired kilns remove most of the water for you, down to below an average of 20% moisture content.

What are kiln dried logs?

This is firewood that has been force dried in kilns rather than dried naturally or more commonly known as ‘seasoning’ over a period of time. The aim is to get the logs to below 20% moisture content which is what they need to be for the optimum burn. 

The time taken to kiln dry logs can vary depending on the drying system used, but typically it will take about 7-10 days in a chamber which runs at around 60 – 70 °C. At Certainly Wood we have a very unique drying system which runs at much higher temperatures with fans to circulate the hot air. Our kilns can dry wood in approx. 50-hour cycles and each time, we put 18 tonnes into a kiln and take 12 tonnes out – therefore removing 6 tonnes (6,000 litres) of water!

Bag Size Log Size Price Price Per M3
30 bag pallet Mixed sizes £135.00 £136.37



Bag Size

30 bag pallet
Log Size: Mixed sizes
Origin: British
Log Length: Mixed sizes
Log Diameter: Mixed sizes
Moisture Content: Average 20%
Estimated Lead Time: 7-10 working days


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