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In Praise of a Real Fire

The smell of a log fire seems to instantly transport people back to the halcyon days of their childhood. The mesmerising dance of the flames ac...

What is Woodsure Ready to Burn?

Woodsure was founded by Andrew Harvey around nine-years ago. Andrew is a man passionate about forestry and British woodland as well as a perso...

Are the Government likely to impose further restrictions on wood burning?

So, what is really happening in terms of wood burning stoves and wood burning in general? There has been a lot of negative press over the last...

If Wood Burning Stoves continue to rise in popularity, does this threaten firewood sustainability?

Firstly, it’s a good question and particularly when there is now a major drive to stop global warming and focus on sustainability. The beauty...

Certainly Wood Launches One Of The World’s Largest Firewood Processing Lines As Part of Sustainability Commitment
Herefordshire firewood company www.certainlywood.co.uk has launched a new £400K firewood processing line – one of the largest of its kind in the world. The project was part funded by the Rural Development Programme for England under the Countryside Productivity Forestry Grant scheme.
Our Top 4 Glamping Suggestions Where Campfires Are Allowed

In days of yore, camping used to be a little rough and ready, especially in the UK where you needed a boy scout mentality to brave the elements under canvas. However, things have changed significantly in the past few years – camping, and its posher counterpart glamping, has become ‘de rigueur’ with the festival and Millennial crowd. 

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