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What is Wet Wood (And Why You Shouldn't Buy It)
You may be asking the question, what is wet wood? And more importantly, why should I avoid it? We discuss the topic in our blog.
The Ultimate Pumkin Soup Firepit Recipe

As the leaves turn golden and the air becomes crisp, there's nothing quite like cosying up around a firepit and indulging in a warm bowl of pum...

What Is The Best Wood For My Log Burner?

It's that time of year again; the days are gradually getting shorter, the nights longer, and the mornings filled with frozen dew. Especially on...

Why Is The Top-Down Method The Best Way To Light Your Woodburner?
The top-down method is the technique that all stove manufacturers and industry experts are now recommending. This article will show you why experts are now recommending this method and how to do it yourself.
What is happening with firewood prices in 2023? Is there likely to be a shortage of supply? What factors are influencing the firewood market in the UK? We answer these and other questions in our latest blog about the firewood market in 2023.
Enhance Your Bushcraft Experience With Flamers Natural Firelighters

Bushcraft is a time-honoured skill that allows individuals to connect with nature, survive in the wilderness, and enjoy the simple pleasures of...

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