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9 Campsites for a Weekend Getaway (2023)
Spring is well and truly on its way and people are now thinking about the holidays to come. To provide some inspiration, we've written about 10 of the campsites we supply, where campfires aren't just permitted, but positivley encouraged.
Here are seven reasons why you should invest in an indoor woodburner for your home.
6 Mistakes to Avoid When Purchasing Firewood
In this blog, we explore 6 ways customers are wasting money on wood fuel this year and what you can do to get the most heat for your pound.
5 Dog-Friendly Pubs in the UK
Check out 5 UK pubs with a Certainly Wood fire, which your four-legged friend can enjoy with you, because why should you have to leave them at home?
Farm shops are a great way to shop for non-mainstream products, and we love working with them. We have collated a small selection of farm shops we work with that would very much be worth visiting - if nothing else, to pick up a box of Flamers! 
6 Wellbeing Benefits of Your Wood Burning Stove
This blog explains how having a wood-burning stove in your home can benefit you and your mental health in more ways than one.

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