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Recently, we have seen a move towards a greater understanding of mental health and the need for self-care in society. The lockdowns brought on by COVID-19 had only brought this more into focus, and it was no coincidence that stove sales rose steeply during this time. It was clear from conversations with customers that there was a strong correlation between owning a wood burner and a happier home. Creating a cosy feeling and a spot for family and friends to gather around, wood burning stoves are more than just a one-time purchase. This blog explains how having a wood burning stove in your home can benefit you and your mental health in more ways than one. 

1. Mood Enhancers 

A fire has been scientifically proven to lift our mood and reduce our blood pressure. On a cold winter's night, what's more appealing than cosying up in front of the woodburner? Nothing! And what's best, if you've got a furry friend, you can let them cosy up next to you and further enhance those mood lifting endorfins! 

2. Calming effects

The calming effect of sitting in front of a lit fireplace is like no other. The glaring ambient light from the flames, the soothing crackle from the burning logs and the warmth gently making its way to your feet are unmatched. The act of starting a good fire puts an end to the day's worries and leaves you with a satisfying feeling.

3. Boost home value

Now this one may not directly benefit your mental health, but boy, doesn't it help soothe the initial shock of the start-up cost. It is estimated that wood burners can increase the value of your home by up to 5%, meaning that homeowners and landlords alike can expect to cash in on their characteristic fire features.

dog by the wood burning stoveeco design wood burner

4. Escapism 

You know that feeling when you get stuck into a good book; wood burners are said to give the same feeling in terms of escapism. Watching the dancing flames in the box of the stove with a glass of wine can be the perfect recipe for the most relaxing evening.

5. Family bonding

Wood burning stoves in family living rooms are a must. With a new focal point in the room that isn't digitalised like a TV, your family will have no choice but to enjoy each other's company. Not only does a wood burner encourage quality time, but it also offers the perfect spot for family board games, quizzes and games, further encouraging family bonding time. Wood burners help people of all ages switch off from the technology that takes over everyday life, which is key to maintaining and improving relationships.

6. Atmosphere

Log burners provide a sense of security and play a massive part in creating a cosy atmosphere. Not only will your wood burner heat your home efficiently, but it will also offer a backup plan if a power cut occurs. Wood burning stoves' overall design and purpose instantly provides a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Whether it's a busy Christmas morning or you need a warm up after a chilly winter's walk, the wood burner will quickly enhance the good-feel vibe. 

stovax eco deign wood burning stove


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