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What Is The Best Wood For My Log Burner?

It's that time of year again; the days are gradually getting shorter, the nights longer, and the mornings filled with frozen dew. Especially on...

The History and Evolution of Firewood: From Ancient Necessity to Modern Convenience
In this blog, we'll explore the fascinating history of firewood and its importance throughout human civilization. We'll also examine how the firewood industry has evolved from a traditional cottage industry to a more professional and quality-controlled process, exemplified by techniques like Certainly Wood.
Here are seven reasons why you should invest in an indoor woodburner for your home.
With the Russian invasion of Ukraine there is now a massive energy crisis across Europe and not only have oil and gas prices risen dramatically, but so too has electricity with domestic electricity rising from around 15p to over 60p per kWh. As a consequence, kiln dried logs are now the cheapest form of domestic heating fuel with household costs 74% lower per kWh than electricity and 21% less than gas heating.
Not only is it now the time to seriously start to look at ways to reduce those rising bills, but also to reduce reliance on the supply of gas and power through our national grids. Fuel security is becoming ever more relevant. So, here are our top 10 tips for saving money this winter.
6 Wellbeing Benefits of Your Wood Burning Stove
This blog explains how having a wood-burning stove in your home can benefit you and your mental health in more ways than one.

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