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Environment Focus: Bee Friendly Plants
On May 20th we celebrate the wonderful bees all across the world but did you know that there’s a reason this particular day was selected? The initiative for this celebration originated from Slovenia, a country which has the most beekeepers per capita in the world. 
Best stays for the Hay Festival
We have curated a list of the most beautiful campsites just a short driving distance from the festival that also happen to stock our firewood and Flamers natural firelighters so you can finish off a great day at the festival around the fire. Check them out below!
Cooking on Wood: Wild Garlic & Cheddar Tearing Bread

Wild garlic season is well and truly here, so why not take this opportunity to venture outside and see what Mother Nature has to offer? This sp...

Cooking on Wood - Traditional Irish Stew

In light of St Patrick's Day, we thought it was only suitable to make our very own traditional Irish stew! We used a Hungarian-style kotlich to cook our stew in and we acquired all of our ingredients from one of our favourite local farm shops, Oakchurch

Find out how to make your very own tasty Irish stew outdoors!

The process of composting kills two birds with one stone: not only does it help you keep your household bins empty, it simultaneously helps the environment and keeps the worms happy. We can almost imagine them smiling every time we top up the compost bin.

Read on if you want to find out how you can create the perfect compost to enable your beloved garden to thrive! 

Top of the Woods: The Most Loved UK Campsite for Stargazers

Did you know that every March the UK celebrates National Bed Month? This month is dedicated to highlighting the importance of a good night s...

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