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Are you tired of struggling to light your fires? Say goodbye to the days of wrestling with kindling and smelly firelighters, and say hello to KindleFlamers! These firelighters are the ultimate solution for all your fire-starting needs.

Cost Effective Firelighting

KindleFlamers are not only easy to use, but they are also cost-effective. To light 50 fires with kindling & firelighters, you need a 50-pack of Flamers and 3 or 4 boxes of kindling at a total cost of £27.79 or £0.55 per fire (based on three boxes of kindling used). With KindleFlamers, you need just one KindleFlamer 50 pack at a total cost of £21.99 or £0.44 per fire, saving £0.11 per fire or £5.50 for every 50 fires.

KindleFlamers are here to revolutionise the way you light your fires! 

Clean & Natural Fire Starting

Say goodbye to messy firelighting methods. KindleFlamers are clean and natural, making them the perfect choice for environmentally conscious fire starters. No more harsh chemicals or artificial additives - just pure, clean firelighting power! 

Following this, KindleFlamers are made from natural woodwool, which makes them completely odourless. This makes them the perfect firelighter for cooking outdoors.

Easy to Use, Hassle-Free Firelighting- How to use KindleFlamers

Log Fires:

Simply place ONE KindleFlamer in the ridge of two Ready to Burn kilndried logs, place another log on top (allowing sufficient airflow), and light the KindleFlamer. No more struggling with smelly firelighters or kindling—with KindleFlamers, firelighting is a breeze!


Charcoal BBQs:

Lighting a charcoal BBQ has always been challenging, and we're here to make it easier. All you need to do is place ONE KindleFlamer in a bed of charcoal, cover the firelighter with charcoal (allowing sufficient airflow), and light it. Wait until the charcoal turns grey, and get grilling!

How best to buy?

Option 1: KindleFlamers in 3, 18 or 50 packs

Our KindleFlamers are available in three different pack sizes. Perhaps you're an outdoor enthusiast who practises bushcraft or likes a campfire in your spare time. If so, our 3-pack of KindleFlamers may be the ticket. These are easy to carry, lightweight, and waterproof. 

If you're a proud woodburner owner who takes pride in lighting fires, our 18-pack of KindleFlamers could be your best option. These packs include enough KindleFlamers to light 18 fires; also, an 18 pack will fit perfectly in one of our Flamers Buckets for neat and easy storage, making for an attractive and decorative fireside accessory.

One common reason people choose to buy in bulk is that they can forget about it once purchased. If this sounds like you, you'll definitely get along well with our KindleFlamers 50 pack. This pack has enough firelighters to light 50 fires, keeping you warm through chilly evenings. 

KindleFlamers are perfect for lighting pizza ovens.

Option 2: Starter KIts

Our starter kits are the perfect way to test our kiln dried logs and KindleFlamers before committing to bulk purchases! They contain our premium British kiln dried logs as well as 2 of our KindleFlamers so you can try before you buy! They also have free shipping!

Kiln Dried Logs, Flamers, Kiln Dried Kindling, Ready to Burn Firewood, Try Before You Buy Bulk Starter Kit

Option 3: Firekits

If, like us, you are concerned about your impact on the environment, our Firekits may be the best solution for your firewood needs. Firekits were introduced in 2020 as a part of our Less Plastic Mission. These kits are made out of fully recylable material (except for a single elastic band) and are delivered in a small van via DPD, therefore offering an easy delivery to those with difficult property access or a small storage area or as a quick weekend top-up.

ready to burn kiln dried logs: Firekits


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