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Preserving the Right to Use Wood Burning Stoves in Scotland

In recent months, the Scottish Parliament has witnessed a fervent debate surrounding the Scottish New Build Standard and the proposed Heat in B...

Our thoughts on the government's First revision of the 25 Year Environment Plan which we found encouraging and in line with our efforts to be more environmentally friendly ourselves as well as encourage those burning wood for heating to adopt good practices like using Ready to Burn wood and consider upgrading an open fire or an old stove to an Eco-design wood burner.
With the Russian invasion of Ukraine there is now a massive energy crisis across Europe and not only have oil and gas prices risen dramatically, but so too has electricity with domestic electricity rising from around 15p to over 60p per kWh. As a consequence, kiln dried logs are now the cheapest form of domestic heating fuel with household costs 74% lower per kWh than electricity and 21% less than gas heating.
Farm shops are a great way to shop for non-mainstream products, and we love working with them. We have collated a small selection of farm shops we work with that would very much be worth visiting - if nothing else, to pick up a box of Flamers! 
Purchasing kiln dried logs is a smart desicion for many reasons, much of them we will discuss in the blog below. We have curated a list of the top 10 reasons of why buying kiln dried logs is sensible. Check them out now.
The Cart Shed - Connect, Learn, Be Active, Notice, Give
The Cart Shed charity transforms lives.  We work with adults and young people experiencing mental health difficulties or with those of us who have emotional imbalances in our lives. Take a look at our recent blog where Nic discusses his experience at The Cart Shed.

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