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Enhance Your Bushcraft Experience With Flamers Natural Firelighters

Bushcraft is a time-honoured skill that allows individuals to connect with nature, survive in the wilderness, and enjoy the simple pleasures of...

Enhance Your Culinary Adventures: Using Firewood for Cooking and Grilling
In this blog, we'll explore Certainly Wood's Grill & Chill Logs, Flaming Firewood, and KindleFlamers, highlighting their exceptional qualities for cooking on pizza ovens, firepits, campfires, and more.
In this blog, we will discuss why these firelighters are the best on the market. From their eco-friendly and sustainable production to their superior performance, we'll cover all the reasons why Flamers should be your go-to firelighter. 
Cooking on Wood: Bruschetta
Bruschetta is one of the simplest and quickest things in the world to make, and high-quality ingredients make it fantastically delicious. We are massive cheese lovers in the office, so we opted for melted camembert cheese, with beautiful tomatoes seasoned to perfection. See how we did it
9 Campsites for a Weekend Getaway (2023)
Spring is well and truly on its way and people are now thinking about the holidays to come. To provide some inspiration, we've written about 10 of the campsites we supply, where campfires aren't just permitted, but positivley encouraged.
Go off grid at Penhein Glamping!
With the summer holidays well and truly upon us, why not welcome in the sunshine and explore the great British outdoors the right way at Penhein. In this blog, we discuss one of the campsites we supply, Penhein Glamping. 

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