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Cooking on Wood: Chocolate Cake

Calling all chocoholics! We have the most beautiful chocolate cake recipe that you can make on the firepit or campfire, in just 5 steps. 

Cooking on Wood: Campfire Banana Boats
An easy step-by-step campfire banana boat recipe. Whether you make these at home after tea or when you're out and about camping, they are sure to be a crowd pleaser.
Glastonbury Festival: A Flashback in Time

They always say you remember your first time… The anticipation, will I like it, will it change me forever? Well, this was no sordid love affair...

Best stays for the Hay Festival
We have curated a list of the most beautiful campsites just a short driving distance from the festival that also happen to stock our firewood and Flamers natural firelighters so you can finish off a great day at the festival around the fire. Check them out below!
Cooking on Wood: Hot Cross Buns

Who doesn't love Hot Cross Buns? Sweet and sticky dough buns, soft and light, packed with luscious raisins and flavorsome spices. Toast them li...

Cooking on Wood - Traditional Irish Stew

In light of St Patrick's Day, we thought it was only suitable to make our very own traditional Irish stew! We used a Hungarian-style kotlich to cook our stew in and we acquired all of our ingredients from one of our favourite local farm shops, Oakchurch

Find out how to make your very own tasty Irish stew outdoors!

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