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Did you know that every March the UK celebrates National Bed Month?

This month is dedicated to highlighting the importance of a good night sleep whilst also providing us with an opportunity to look at our own sleeping habits and how they can be improved. 

However, have you ever thought that the perfect night's sleep might not necessarily be from the comforts of your own bed? Our perfect night's sleep would be a night under the stars, with fresh air and a warm fire near us and where's best to spend the night, if not at the UK's voted best campsite for stargazing, Top of the Woods

On a clear night, Top of the Wood offers you amazing views of the stars and even the Milky way, meaning that you can have your very own perfect night's sleep under the stars. Whether you take full advantage of their accommodation or pitch a tent up yourself, you are sure to relax and rest easy during your stay at this luxury glamping & camping site.

roasting marshmallows on campfire outdoor cooking

What is Top of the Woods?

Top of the Woods is an award-winning glamping and camping site, situated in Pembrokeshire, Wales.

Providing boutique camping and glamping holidays, Top of the Woods gives you the space and freedom to not only reconnect with yourself but also with nature. Part of the Greener Camping Club, Top of the Woods is on a mission to make make your holiday in the great outdoors a little bit greener too. 

What is the Greener Camping Club?

The Greener Camping Club was set up with the aim of providing a more sustainable and greener style of camping experience. Members of this organisation are committed to responsible, environmentally-friendly camping and provide some of the most low-impact recreational camping experiences in the UK. All campsites under the Greener Camping Club are carefully assessed for their impact on the environment, location and sustainability efforts. Any of the Greener Camping Clubs sites will be up to a certain ecological standard, this giving campers peace of mind when on their holidays. [1]



What does Top of the Woods offer?

Situated in a remote beauty spot of North Wales, Top of the Woods offer 325 acres of unspoiled Welsh Woodland, which allows their campers to reconnect with nature and to truly find peace and serenity. 

Offering many forms of accommodation, Top of the Woods campers have a range of choices when it comes to their stay. 

Whether you choose to stay in a stargazing dome with your partner, or a safari lodge with the family, you are sure to have a relaxing holiday, filled with luxury, comfort, and beautiful scenery. If lodges and domes are not your thing, why not bring your own home to them? On-site, they have plenty of vast open space, enabling you to pitch your very own tent or park your camper. With numerous activities in the local area, ranging from horse riding to wild river trekking, there is sure to be an activity for everyone! [2] [3] 

water activities around top of the woodshorse riding near top of the woods camping

Top of the Woods and Stargazing

Among the various benefits of their quirky accommodations, the views are definitely one of the best in Wales. All of their accommodation have access to open views of the landscape, which is especially great at night. No matter what field or site you are in, you are promised an open view of the night sky, which makes stargazing magical. With no light pollution, you are even able to spot the Milky Way on a clear night! 

As a result of this, Top of the Woods has actually been awarded the best campsite for stargazing after research was led by Just Kampers. 

Top of the Woods campsites with Certainly Wood log fireTop of the woods stargazing

Woodburner eco freindly

Top of the Woods & Certainly Wood

We stock Top of the Woods with Flaming Firewood, Flamers firelighters, and kiln dried kindling.
Flaming Firewood

Flaming Firewood logs are the perfect logs for outdoor cooking and campsites. The logs are smaller and of different shapes and sizes, therefore it is quicker to get a good bed of coals and easier to control the heat output.

Top of the Woods uses our Flaming Firewood for all their guests' BBQs and campfires, as even beginner firestarters will be able to light a fire in no time with these logs. They are kiln dried, meaning that most of the water is removed  down to below an average of 20% moisture content. This means that you are sure to be provided with ultimate burn quality with maximum heat output. 

Want to get yours in time for barbecue season? Click here!

Kindling & Flamers

Our kindling is used on their campsites, alongside our Flamers, to make sure all of their guests can easily start the perfect campfire. Like all of our logs, our kindling is also kiln dried (below 12% moisture content). 

With the addition of one single flamer, you should have the perfect fire going in no time. Flamers, in particular, are perfect for campsite enthusiasts as they are light to carry, easy to store, natural, and will even light when wet. 

Using both of these incredible products, outdoor cooking has never been easier.






 Want to find out more about Top of the Woods? Take a look at their website here!




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