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Have you ever stopped to consider the connection between fire and mental health? While it may not be an obvious link, the presence of fire can have a significant impact on our overall well-being. Let's explore the importance of fire in relation to mental health.

Fires & The Calming Effect

Research has shown that the sight and sound of a crackling fire can have a calming effect on the mind. This three-year-long study, carried out at the University of Alabama (Lynn, C.D. (2014)), discovered that even a recorded video of a fireplace can prompt primeval instincts, helping people to calm down. 

Fire as a Source of Comfort

The warmth and glow of a fire can create a cosy and comforting atmosphere, reducing stress and anxiety levels. We spoke with the CEO of The Cart Shed Charity, Katie Eastaugh, who stresses the benefits of fires on mental health. 

Fires can provide a focus point for a wandering mind, enabling one to have a conversation without eye contact, which can be of sensitive nature- Katie Eastaugh.


The Ritual of Fire

Fire has been a central element in human rituals and ceremonies for centuries. Smoking ceremonies are an ancient custom among Indigenous Australians to ward off bad spirits. This ceremony involves collecting native plants, most widley used is the Emu Bush, which are then set alight for the smoke to then purify the space (MAMcIntosh (2017)).

The act of gathering around a fire, whether it's a campfire or a fireplace, fosters a sense of community and connection. This communal experience can help combat feelings of loneliness and isolation, promoting mental well-being.

Social Connections

Think about it, in modern society, under what cirumstance do we sit around in a quiet space without the social expectation to always be talking? At a social gatherings, it can even be awkward to engage in two minutes of silence. Open fires on the other hand, provide a rare moment in society where people can sit quietly without activity or engagement elsewhere.

In stems back to the caveman days, where we huddled around a fire to keep safe. So, on a deep, genetic memory type level, gathering around a fire with people, makes you feel safe with them.

sitting around campfire with friends

Meditation & Mindfulness

Combining meditation with the presence of a fire can help elevate your meditation experience. The flickering flames can serve as a focal point, aiding concentration and stillness with the fires energy and warmth creating a serene atmosphere, facilitating a more profound sense of introspection and inner peace. 

If you want to go a step further in your stress relieving attempts, you could even give hot yoga a try. Our kiln dry logs will create a nice warm atmosphere to create a hot environment, helping with further reducing stress, increasing flexibility, helping you sweat more and consequently aid in getting the most our of your yoga practice. The flames will create a nice glowing lighting, letting you get completely lost in that moment. A perfect environment for forgeting about the troubles that you might be experiencing. 

Fire as a Symbol of Renewal

Fire has long been associated with transformation and renewal. The process of watching something burn and then rise from the ashes can be a powerful metaphor for personal growth and resilience against obstacles.

The most widley-known representation of this is The Phoenix Myth. Rising from the ashes throughout history, the mythical bird, the Phoenix, respresents the cycle of life and death as it's consumed by fire and reborn from the ashes. (Birdnote 2020)

By embracing the symbolism of fire, individuals can find strength and hope in the face of challenges.

campfires helping mental health

In conclusion, the presence of fire in our lives can have a profound impact on our mental health. Whether it's the soothing sound of a fire, the sense of community around a bonfire, or the symbolism of renewal, fire plays a crucial role in promoting well-being. By understanding and harnessing the power of fire, individuals can cultivate a positive environment for their mental health.

Create your own firewood ritual for better mental health

1. Light your fire: Make sure to use good logs and firelighters so you don't have to stress about the fire going out.

2. Find a cosy space (or a good yoga mat if trying hot yoga) 

3. Prepare a nourishing beverage

4. Put some relaxing music on 

5. Take in the day just gone, reflect on good things that have happened and what's to look forward to. We even recommend writing a diary - you'll enjoy reading back your writing later down the line, especially if your notes are about the positive things that have happened that day. 





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