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Who doesn't like a cheese toasty? But there's cheese toasty and there's cheese toasty cooked on a wood fire. The second one is definitely better, and coupled with some nice chutney, you will quickly fall in love with this simple but delicious meal.

 Ingredients Equipment

Cheese (the type is down to personal preference, works great with vegan cheese too)

Chutney or relish of choice

Kiln-dried logs
KindleFlamers or Flamers Natural Firelighters
Spatula (something to flip)


Step One

Light your firepit using our Flaming Firewood or Grill & Chill and one KindleFlamer (you could replace KindleFlamers with a few kindling sticks and one Flamer natural firelighter). The best way to light your fire is using the top-down method which means you place a couple of logs on the bottom of your firepit, place the KindleFlamer on the top, and then place another couple of logs on the top. Light and once the fire is going, swing the BBQ rack over the fire, to allow it to heat up in preparation for cooking.

Step Two

Oil your skillet and place it on the swing rack of the firepit. Let it heat up. 

Step Three

Butter both sides of your bread. Heap a generous amount of cheese onto one slice of the bread and spread chutney onto the other side. Place the slice of bread with the chutney spread on top of the cheese.

Step Four

Place the sandwich into your hot pan. Let cook for a few minutes until brown and then turn carefully with a spatula to toast the other side. 

Step Five

Once both sides are toasted, remove from the fire and place onto a chopping board. Slice in half and enjoy on its own or with a fresh seasonal side salad to complement the gooey cheese and chutney. 

cheese toasty cooked on the firepit


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