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Kindling is a vital firelighting tool that, when used correctly, can greatly improve your fire. No matter which appliance you're using, whether that be a chiminea, multi-fuel stove, log burner, campfire or firepit, learning how to use kindling wood properly will improve your wood-burning experience. It will reduce the time it takes to start the fire and it will help warm your appliance quicker to avoid creosote buildup. 

What is kindling wood?

Kindling are the small pieces of wood you use to help you get the fire going more quickly. It is often lit with the help of a firelighter and its fire will light your main fuel - kiln dried logs.

Do I have to use kindling?

You don't have to use kindling wood to start your fire, various methods can be used, including solely using our KindleFlamers. Kindling is simply there to make your life easier and having it as the middleman between your firelighter and firewood is highly recommended for a fuss-free firelighting experience. 

kiln dried kindling with flamers natural firelighters

How much kindling do I get in one box?

In each Certainly Wood box of kindling, you will receive enough sticks for 18 fires, this is if you are to use 6-8 sticks at a time.

What is the best kindling wood?

As a general rule of thumb, softwoods burn faster than hardwoods; making them perfect for starting fires. Certainly Wood kindling is always made out of softwoods and is dried below 12%.

kiln dried kindling

How should I store kindling?

Kindling should be kept in a dry, well ventilated area in order to keep in its original condition. When you purchase kindling from us, it will be delivered in a recyclable, plastic-free, stackable, cardboard box, so easy to store indoors. 

Why does kindling burn faster?

Kindling tends to be cut thinner than firewood logs and is often made out of softwoods (unless hardwoods are specifically required for pizza offens for example) - this is because it's easier to cut thinner and it also burns quicker, allowing for the fire to catch more effectively. Combining it with good quality firelighters, like our Flamers natural firelighters and using the top-down method with Ready to Burn logs, you are bound to start a good and roaring fire in minutes. 

How much kindling do I need to start a fire?

When using Certainly Wood logs, kindling and firewood, you will only need to use 6-8 sticks of kindling and one firelighter, possibly even less if lighting a fire using the top-down method. 

How much kindling do I need with a bulk bag?

We estimate that when buying our 1.6m3 bulk bag, you will need 6 boxes of kindling, this is when you use 6-8 sticks at a time (this estimate is based on the fact that you would light just over 100 fires with our 1.6m3 bulk bag). When purchasing the 1.2m3, we recommend 4 boxes of kindling and when buying the 0.8m3, we recommend 3 boxes of kindling. 

kiln dried logs in bulk bags


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