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It is almost becoming a common message that we need to plant more trees in the UK. Approx 12% of the UK is covered in trees and this is way short of most European countries. We all know how good they are for the environment and how much we can all enjoy them too when we go for walks in parks or the countryside.

It’s all very well observing their beauty, but now is the time to really start taking some action. Whilst we have been offering a ‘Plant a Tree’ on our website at the checkout for many years whereby you can add a tree to your basket for just £4, we want more of our customers to become involved. When you purchase a tree we will add this to our annual tree planting programme where we will work with landowners to plant more trees and create more new woodland. Each year we will give you a progress report of how the woodland is developing and what work is being done, so please consider this purchase when you next order.

In addition, I am delighted to say that we have formed a collaboration with the Stovax Heating Group, one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of wood burning stoves, fires and fireplaces to plant even more trees. Jointly, we have launched a Green Britain campaign which aims to plant 10,000 trees every year in Britain. With every new solid fuel stove that is registered with the Stovax Heating Group, we will jointly plant a tree and as a thank you, send a free starter kit direct to those customers, providing everything needed for the first perfect fire.

There are just so many benefits of creating new woodland, providing vital new ecosystems for wildlife, flora and fauna, increasing absorption of carbon dioxide and not forgetting of course that part of good woodland management is to regularly thin plantations and it is these thinnings that provide firewood to heat our homes.

The government, the stove industry and log suppliers across the UK are all keen to demonstrate how burning the right quality fuel can actually be part of the solution for clean air, and not part of the problem as has recently been suggested by the media. Our Green Britain campaign also raises awareness for the need to improve air quality and the importance of using Woodsure ‘Ready to Burn’ approved firewood that is guaranteed to be below 20% moisture content.


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