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Having recently written a blog about 'The Problem with Pallets' we were slightly concerned about our first feedback comment which said it was a pointless blog! All we wanted to do was highlight the problems we encounter with pallets and how the delivery system works. Well, as you can see, we ended up with one of the biggest responses to date with some great comments.

Having had some comments from customers who have been so frustrated at having to try and dispose of the pallets, it seems some people are already being rather creative with theirs.

So, whilst we will continue to look at ways to get our carrier Palletways to remove pallets for those that want them moved,  we have been building up our own Pinterest board for pallet ideas. For those of you that have not heard of Pinterest, this is a site that enables people to share their photos and one can build specific subject boards which is what we have done here.

One of our customers did however show us this website they discovered that provides a huge list of great ideas for what to do with pallets and there really are some fabulous ideas if you have the time and want to be really creative.

We have noted comments about the fact that some pallets are ply and difficult to break up, but for us its a difficult balance between making sure the pallets are strong and safe for delivery, and something that customers can break up for kindling. This is one we may never crack as the majority of good pallets will always be treated or painted, so really not good for burning on your stove.

In the mean time do have a look at our Pinterest board:

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