Lighting a fire may seem simple, and if using the right type of logs and firelighters, it generally is, but in case you wondered what our recommendations are, we outlined a few simple steps which will not only help you light the fire easily but also safely.

The infographics below demonstrate two ways of lighting a fire:

1. The traditional method of using Flamers natural firelighter + kindling + kiln dried logs combination

2. The alternative way of using no kindling, only our KindleFlamer and kiln dried logs


1. Lighting a fire the traditional way: Flamers natural firelighters + kiln dried kindling + kiln dried logs 

How to light a fire on firepits and bbqs using kiln dried logs


2. Lighting a fire using KindleFlamers + kiln dried logs:

How to light a fire with a KindleFlamer


What's for tea?

So now you know how to get started, have you thought what you're going to cook on your hot and smoke free fire? How about a lamb shoulder with rosemary and garlic? Here's the recipe from our partners at Heart, Smoke and Soal


Lamb Shoulder with Rosemary and Garlic Recipe