Outdoor burning is just as important and in some ways, dry wood is even more critical. Whether the appliance is just for sitting around on a summers evening or perhaps cooking over, two things are vital - good heat output and minimal smoke. The latter is inevitable when using wet wood, but get a good fire going with dry wood and there will be barely any smoke.

So, once again we recommend only using ‘Ready to Burn’ kiln dried logs, although a combination of products will work even better and provide flexibility through burning.

We have Flaming Firewood product sold in small bags. These are still kiln dried, but offer a range of shapes and sizes within each bag and are perfect for these applications to get the fire going and we highly recommend you start your fire at least an hour before you need it. Once going, you can add larger logs for a longer burn, but only once you have a good base to the fire. Chunky logs can be used in this instance or our longer 35cm kiln dried logs. Log size will depend on your appliance size.