Background  - Certainly Wood ltd, based in Herefordshire is the UK’s largest specialist producer of kiln dried logs and Flamers natural firelighters with logs and natural firelighters all made on site. Products are sold across the UK, both to trade and direct to consumers.

The business is looking to significantly expand its Flamers natural firelighters business and with major increases in raw material prices, needs to find ways to reduce these costs and also to further reduce CO2 emissions where possible.


Opportunity – The natural firelighters are made from dipping wood wool rope into a refined paraffin wax which impregnates into the wood wool. Presently the wax is purchased in solid slabs which are put into a melting tank to liquify and maintain in this format for the dipping process.

In order to reduce raw material and energy costs there is a requirement to move to purchasing the paraffin wax in a liquid form. In order to achieve this, there is a need to make an investment in a new or second-hand stainless steel storage tank with an approx. capacity of 35,000 litres. To be supplied and installed on site with 75mm mineral rockwool insulation slab secured with polypropylene banding to maintain a design temperature of 75oC with a supply voltage of 230v. The stored liquid wax will require an adequate control system to ensure temperatures do not drop below a set point. Thermostatic control will need to include alarm functions which will indicate trace heating failure via LED’s and customer interface.

Proposals to include prices for supply, installation and commissioning. Proposals must also include the specification of the proposed plant.

Site visits can be arranged if required with the project manager detailed below.

Capability – Suppliers are invited to provide the most cost effective and energy efficient solution. Examples of similar installations undertaken in the past three years to demonstrate capability to design, install and commission this project.

Selection criteria – The contract will be awarded to the most cost-effective tender that meets the requirements of the company and can be delivered within the planned timescales.

Payment terms – Payment will be made in stages and agreed as part of the contract discussions. Potential payment terms to be included in the quotation.

Cost – to be itemised within the quotation to show separate costs for the storage tank, the insulation, the heating and cooling system, delivery to Hereford and installation.


  • Completed tenders to be emailed to Nic Snell ( no later than 12 noon on Wednesday 22nd June 2022
  • Project will need to be completed by September 30th 2022, latest.


Project Manager        George Snell



31st May 2022