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With the recent media coverage on wood burning across most of the major newspapers, we got a real feeling that everyone is getting pretty miffed with the authors of these articles and at times how people just have to moan about everything. Too many people meddle in our daily lives, everything gets blown out of all proportion and supposedly nothing in our lives or homes is safe and sadly the media today seems to feed off more and more mis-information. It's also interesting how the same facts get used time and time again over the years, so if the wrong fact is quoted, particularly if by government, you can be rest assured this it’s going to go round and round for a long time.

So, for a little light relief we thought we would share some of the comments made by readers of the Daily Mail, The Times, The Telegraph and The Express – Enjoy 

“We've burnt wood since we lived in caves. Now, even that's wrong!”

“Reading all these negative comments has put me in a quandary, should I light my wood burner in the lounge or dining room? At least that way I can see both sides of the issue…”

“This is the right choice, save the planet and hug a tree while I jump in my private jets while offsetting my carbon footprint by growing a pack of cress in my cupboard”

“We are certainly going to be known as the generation that lived in the century 2020 -2120 where everything got a ban slapped on it. Including going outside. Good grief I feel like I want to run off and live in a cave, but I know if I managed to get there it would be roped off saying you have now entered tier 3 please stay at home.”

“Bite me. I have 35 acres of trees and this is how I heat my home.”

“Reading all the stupid comments whilst sat in front of my cosy fire.”

“They can go to hell. Our log burner is staying. I see government polluting our lives greatly. How about we ban them and bring a more fit for purpose system in?”

“Apparently they were first used in the Victorian days and they are all dead now. Proof that they are dangerous.”

“First, they came for my car - but I said nothing.

Then they came for my holiday abroad - but I said nothing.

Then they came for my beer - but I said nothing.

Then they came for my steak - but I said nothing.

Then they came for my wood burner - but I could say nothing because I had frozen to death”

“’Mount Etna spews smoke and ashes in spectacular new eruption’ – Makes the worry about a couple of wood burners rather pointless doesn’t it?”

I love stoking my fire with wood and chugging off to fill up with diesel in my boat while smoking a cigarette. Sniff it up snowflakes!


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