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There are now so many ways to light the fire in a woodburner, and let's face it, not all woodburners are the same so what works for some, may not work for others.

We have for a long time recommended the jenga-style method, where you stack your kindling in a jenga shape, balance a couple of logs diagonally on top and light a Flamer fireligher in the middle. The method normally works very well, but we have become big fans of the newer top-down method, as now recommended by most stove manufacturers. You would place a couple of larger logs on your woodburner grate and then either build your jenga shape on the top to light or even avoid the kindling and simply use one of our KindleFlamers. 



KindleFlamers Eco Natural Firelighters lighting fire with the kindleflamer top-down method

Here at Certainly Wood, it has become our mission to make firelighting an easy task. We simply want you to enjoy the benefits of a roaring fire as quickly as possible. This is where our super efficient and super long KindleFlamer comes into play. A couple of logs on the grate of your woodburner, a KindleFlamer in between and nice cup of coffee or tea to watch your effortless task turn into a magnificent display of dancing flames. 





Certainly Wood Premier kiln dried kindlinglighting a fire with kindling and flamer

Ok, we hear you. You still like your kindling, and whilst a KindleFlamer is quick, efficient and easy, you like taking your time and setting up that traditional fire. For that reason we have recently introduced a couple of additional multi buy options. Now available in one, four and eight pack, it is more cost-effective than ever to stock up on your premium kiln dried kindling needs this winter. 




Don't forget the logs!

Not only can you buy logs in various different pack sizes and formats, we also offer a range of log sizes. Our standard logs come in 25, 35 and 50cm lengths with a 5-15cm diameter (+/-10%), whilst our chunky logs, best for large fires, come in a diameter of 10-20 cm (+/-10%). Choice is all yours! 


 Pallets of small bags Bulk bags Chunky Logs Logs in boxes
Pallets of British kiln dried hardwood logs in small bags
Sustainably sourced chunky kiln dried hardwood logs
Sustainably sourced Ready to Burn firewood in a box


Which species is best? 

There are a three things we promise about our firewood: 

1. British sustainable firewood: it will be sourced from woodlands which are within 100 miles from our Herefordshire HQ, we will only take thinnings rather than fell a whole patch, and the woodland will need to be managed sustainably

2. Hardwoods only: We will only supply you with hardwoods as we believe they burn better and give you more heat

3. Quality only: All our firewood is Ready to Burn, containing below 20% moisture

So with the above in mind, we will never promise to supply only one species, but a mix. So when you order in bulk from us, you are most likely to receive a mix of oak, ash and beech, but also other hardwood species, depending on the supply of the wood we received at the current time. In order to familiarise yourself with the different species, please watch the video below. 




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