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The question is often asked as to whether it is permitted to burn wood in a smoke control zone such as London or other major cities. Firstly, find out whether you are in one of these zones and if you are, then the only fuel you can use in your fire is what is referred to as a 'smokeless fuel'.

HOWEVER, don't panic just yet as there is still a solution. Whilst the list of approved fuels does not include wood, there are now wood burning stoves that you can burn wood on, in smokeless zones and these are ultra efficient and cleaner burning stoves and all you need to look out for is what is known as DEFRA exempted stoves.

The great news is, there are now more and more of these 'exempt' appliances being produced and this is probably why there is quite a surge in sales of stoves in London where more and more people are opening up those old fireplaces and returning back to the joys of a wonderful log fire and at the same time reaping the benefits of the high efficiency.

Don't forget however, your efficient stove MUST have high quality fuel and that's only guaranteed with HETAS approved kiln dried logs and to ensure you remain eco-friendly, make sure they are British logs and not imported.

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