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Why buying your wood in the summer months will save you money in winter.

Herefordshire based firewood experts at Certainly Wood are encouraging people to buy their wood during the summer months to ensure they have dry wood ready to burn come winter.

Nothing has quite the same feeling as curling up in front of a fire in winter, and wood burning stoves are increasingly popular across the UK. But how do we make sure we are burning the right quality wood fuel to maximise the energy within it?  If you burn damp wood, energy is used to burn off the moisture.  The moisture then travels up the chimney and, because there is a lack of heat, condenses on the way up, forming soot and tar in the chimney or flue lining, which can cause problems.  Really dry wood burns very cleanly and produces volatile gases that ignite themselves, and it is this process that provides much of the heat.

Company partner, Nic Snell, says, “So many people leave ordering until the last minute, once the weather has turned cold. Many of us don’t think about our winter fuel during the summer months, however it is the best time to buy and store it.”

The moisture content of your wood affects its efficiency, the environment, and safety in your home.  Burning properly dried wood (below 25% moisture content) means warmer homes, and less smoke from the chimney. In turn, this means much cleaner chimneys, less tar build up, and ultimately fewer chimney fires across the country!

It is vital to make sure your wood is ready to burn by using a moisture meter to ensure the average moisture across the log (inside to outside) is below 25%.  Alternatively, you can buy kiln dried logs that carry the HETAS Quality Assured Fuel logo, which shows you are buying consistently high-quality fuel that is ready to burn.

Be warm and safe in your home this winter by stocking up on dry wood this summer, and most importantly ensure your chimney is swept at least once a year.

For further information you may find these websites useful:

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