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When it comes to cooking and grilling on the fire, the fuel you choose plays a vital role in the flavor and overall experience. Firewood brings a unique element to outdoor cooking, infusing dishes with a delicious smoky aroma and providing an authentic cooking method. In this blog, we explore our Grill & Chill logs, Flaming Firewood, and KindleFlamers, highlighting their exceptional qualities for cooking in pizza ovens, firepits, campfires, and more.

Grill & Chill Logs

Certainly Wood's Grill & Chill logs are specifically chosen for cooking in pizza ovens, making them an excellent choice for pizza enthusiasts and outdoor cooking enthusiasts alike. This pack includes a specially selected, single species which is thinnly cut and dried to optimal moisture content. The low moisture content ensures a clean burn, while the uniform thin logs ensure consistency while cooking. With Grill & Chill logs, you can achieve the perfect crust and bubbly cheese in minutes, taking your pizza game to a whole new level.

Grill & Chill Kiln Dried Logs: Perfect for Pizza Oven Cooking

Flaming Firewood

If you love gathering around a crackling firepit or enjoying a cozy campfire, our Flaming Firewood is a fantastic option for your cooking needs. These logs are the offcuts of our premium line, which means they are made up of various shapes and sizes of our 100% British-sourced mixed hardwood logs. In the bags, you are sure to recieve a range of sizes ranging from small slithers, long shards to larger chunky bits. This means you have a variety of log sizes, which makes starting and maintaing your fire really easy. 

Whether you're grilling sausages, roasting marshmallows, or cooking a hearty campfire stew, Flaming Firewood provides the ideal fuel source.

Flaming Firewood Logs: Perfect for cooking on Firepits, Campfires and Small Soves


The ultimate firelighter to kickstart your cooking adventures swiftly, KindleFlamers are the perfect firelighters for starting fires. Made from natural wood shavings and dipped in a  wax, KindleFlamers ignite instantly and burn long enough to ensure your firewood catches fire effortlessly. These convenient and reliable firelighters are perfect for starting fires in firepits, campfires, woodburning stoves, and more. With KindleFlamers, you can spend less time struggling with firelighting and more time enjoying your culinary creations.

KindleFlamers: Perfect for lighting fires in firepits, BBQs, campfires

Using firewood for cooking and grilling adds a wonderful dimension to your culinary adventures. Grill & Chill Logs, Flaming Firewood, and KindleFlamers offer exceptional fuel options for various cooking setups, ensuring optimal heat, flavor, and ease of use. Whether you're baking a pizza in your outdoor oven, grilling on a firepit, or enjoying a campfire cookout, Certainly Wood's premium firewood and firelighters elevate your cooking experience and help you create memorable meals in the great outdoors.

So, gather your friends and family, stoke the fire, and let the smoky aromas tantalize your taste buds as you embark on a culinary journey with firewood as your trusted cooking companion.

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