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We are just so excited to have finally started making our own Flamers and whilst we still have a lot to learn, all is going well so far. Until now these have been packed for us, but now we have an agreement to pack them

This is a product we love and everyone seems to share the same view. We have been selling them for a couple of years and every year sales increase and the feedback we get is great. The biggest thing that people comment on is the fact they are "not like those awful smelly kerosene ones" so, the fact they are odourless is a huge plus and of course they are clean to handle and ever so easy to light and you genuinely only need one to light your fire, although you will probably need 2-3 when using on a charcoal barbeque just to get an even burn across the grill.

They are made from wood wool, and we dip them in a refined paraffin wax and hey presto - the Flamer is ready to go and just so that you are absolutely clear as to why these are better than anything else on the market. They are:

Natural; Odourless; Provide a long burn and you only need one to light the fire.

These are presently available in 3 pack sizes: 24, 50 and 200. We also offer a 300 value pack consisting of smaller Flamers which did not make it into the first class of our main 3 packs. 

These can presently be found throughout our network of UK retailers, but to find your nearest retailer use the postcode search facility here. Of course you can also buy as many as you like through our online shop and delivery is Free when ordered with bulk loads of firewood.

If you haven't tried them yet, you honestly don't know what you are missing!


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