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Certainly Wood was the UK’s first firewood producer to work with HETAS to set up a quality scheme for firewood. This now comes under the name of Woodsure, but the certification scheme is still being run by HETAS.

It’s no secret that a woodstove or biomass boiler is only as good as the wood you burn in it.  Waste wood or ineffectively processed wood fuel simply doesn’t offer a carbon neutral energy source, but by making responsible choices about fuel quality and the woodland it’s sourced from, we can all play our part in securing its future and reducing carbon emissions, says Helen Bentley-Fox, director of Woodsure.

The most common problems associated with burning woodfuels can be traced back to the origin of the wood. Its quality can be compromised by incorrect moisture content, high ash content and even soil or stones, or in the case of waste wood, the presence of chemical contaminants. Inappropriate storage of the fuel during production or trading, can also affect the quality of the product, through contamination and exposure to impurities. Poor quality fuel affects the efficiency of boilers or wood burning appliances, and means the end user is missing out.

As the UK's only woodfuel quality assurance scheme, Woodsure’s logo gives those burning woodfuel a brand they can trust – it ensures suppliers are certified for reliable, high-quality products.  With the correct quality woodfuel, not only will appliances maintain optimum efficiency, but also minimise the release of emissions through products of combustion.

Consumers can be assured that Woodsure fuel comes from a sustainable source.  By purchasing woodfuel with a Woodsure logo, consumers are playing an important role in protecting the UK’s woodland. We have the lowest woodland cover in Europe (just 13%) and 42% of our woodlands sit unmanaged and neglected. Bringing these neglected woodlands back into management would allow them to be a perfect source to supply the UK woodfuel market – a goal that Woodsure is supporting by working in partnership with Grown in Britain.  A healthy, quality woodfuel market holds the key to getting our woodlands back into management.

Installers, sweeps and consumers need to think about their fuel choices if we are to sustain a future for our woodlands and environment.

Notes to Editors

Woodsure is the UK’s only woodfuel quality assurance scheme. The Woodsure Certification scheme ensures woodfuel meets EN and Onorm standards.


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