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BBC Hereford & Worcester has been on a mercy mission to a single mother, cut-off since the snow fell.

Laura Denning, and her 14-year-old son, have been stranded in their home on Garway Hill, South Herefordshire:

'It's like another world up here and it wouldn't be like this at all if the council had gritted the roads a little.'

Reporter Julie Tyler delivered food and fuel in a 4x4, supplied by a local company.

Julie and Nic Snell, from Certainly Wood, delivered a load of wood and lighting sticks to Laura and Meredith.
They also took a box of food, which included sausages, bacon, tea, coffee, milk, butter, tinned soups, tomatoes, cheese and biscuits - all the vitals that Laura had run out of.

Julie said the journey could only have been made in a four-wheel-drive car:

'I managed to persuade Nic Snell from Certainly Wood to donate a load, and deliver it with me to Laura's home at Garway.

'He was blown out by the amount of snow and ice on the roads, as indeed I was.

'I also managed to get a donation of various foods from Lock's Garage, at Allensmore, which even included a potted orchid.'


Laura Denning has paid tribute to the generosity of her neighbours and local businesses:

'Thank you so much for thinking about us, it's really appreciated.

'I haven't been out in my car since before Christmas, but I have managed to get a few lifts from various neighbours, which involves walking a few miles to meet them.'
The novelty of the snowy conditions has worn off for her son, Meredith:

'It's getting a bit boring now, although I've been busy collecting and chopping wood - we've had to gather it from the fields, as we ran out some time ago.

'The worst thing is being cold, especially at night - I've had enough of the snow now'.

The original article was published on 12 January 2010 and can be seen here:


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