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7Y Energy and Greenearth Energy have just completed installing the largest array of photovoltaic cells in Herefordshire at Certainly Wood.  The array is destined to save over 47 tonnes of CO2 a year and expected to generate 83,100 kWh of energy and help to reduce Certainly Wood’s energy costs in the production its pioneering kiln dried wood products.

Producing 15,000 tonnes of kiln dried firewood for the retail market is no mean feat and George Snell of Certainly Wood was looking for ways to maximise energy efficiency in the business.  7Y Energy was consulted and identified solar power as the best renewable energy option for the Madley based company.

7Y Energy in conjunction with their installation partner Greenearth Energy Ltd completed the installation of 432 photovoltaic panels onto a double-roof structure used to house Certainly Wood’s kilns earlier this month.  The panels cover an area of 684m2; equivalent to the area required to park almost 50 cars.

Immediately after the installation was all connected it began to produce electricity from the Moser Baer 230W Solar PV panels fitted using a specialist mounting frame.  The electricity generated will be used to reduce Certainly Wood’s overall energy costs and take another step forward in their goal of being a completely carbon neutral business.

7Y Energy Manager, Sarah Wells, is delighted with the installation. ‘It went extremely smoothly and we will be continually assessing the energy output to ensure Certainly Wood’s investment is maximised’.


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