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We are always looking at ways to improve our offering and with a few comments about the large 1.6m3 bulk bag sometimes tipping on the pallet and becoming unstable, we have decided to change both bulk bags.

We didn’t want to change the volume so this remains unchanged, but with excess space on the pallet, we have made the new bags shorter and fatter making them much more stable.

We hope you like the new bags, which you can still return through the Collect Plus system as before, using the return mail bag that we put into the top of the bulk bag.

Please, be rest assured that the volume has NOT changed and as part of our HETAS Quality Assurance scheme, periodically and at random we select a filled bulk bag and decant the logs into our volume fill cage which measures, 1m x 1m x 1.6m tall in the case of the 1.6m3. Filling the cage to the top ensures that the volume is confirmed as 1.6m3 loose fill.

These new bags will be coming on stream over the next few months and we will soon be using only these new bags.


  • I want to return my bulk bag however I can no get into the web site www cliksit??? I have tried too many times without success and at the point of taking it to the tip which goes against everything I believe in in relation to recycling
    Can you text me the correct website address as the one on the leaflet in the bag doesn’t work!

    Gary Jenkins on

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